Thursday, 13 April 2006

You will be happy, citizen

OK, I used to play Paranoia, before it followed Bill Gates to become Paranoia XP. It is the most extremely violent, backstabing, distrustful encouraging and high body count role playing game i have ever played. The Die Hard body counts just do not come close.

It is also the most funny, side splitting, tongue in cheek game i have ever played (A very special thanks to Rob for introducing me to it!!) Names are hilarious too. My usual name was COM-R-AD. The middle letter describes your security clearance, which is all colour coded. You are going to have a short life if you are a commie, a mutant, a traitor, or all of the above. All players at at least one of the above, but its OK you have clones who appear when you die and then become you until yet another unfortunate accident near the food vats. Starting to get the picture?? If the link to Paranoia does not work or you want more, just bloody well Google it then, you lazy git.

Well, anyway, this company called Polaris from India are investing in Northern Ireland. Thay are an IT company working on software blah blah techno babble blah blah zzzzzzzzz.

Now a lot of my friends are in the software industry in 'guid aul Norn Iron' and, well, apart form the role players (Of course!) they seem a little lack lustre in the interesting department. So a friend checked out Polaris and found out how they MAKE their people have FUN.

You will comply. Be happy citizen or report to the Termination centre
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