Tuesday, 4 April 2006

Time Wasting ....... big style

If you, like me, have a short attention span but can be completely obsessive whilst engaged by something new (I usually last a week of obsessive compulsive motivated activity sparkled off by the latest fad or whatever - like this blog!) then i might suggest reading some webcomics.

Order of the Stick

My favourite at the moment is the Order of the Stick. It is a brilliant comic about a group of misfits from DnD 3.5 edition on their various quests. There are a lot of DnD injokes but i think anyone who is even vaguely aware of DnD should enjoy it. My favourite character in the comic is Belkar, the halfing ranger of very dubious alignment (mostly chaotic) who obsesses about killing things and carries around a sheet of lead so that no one can cast Know Alignment on him (He takes this very personally and feels it is an insult to his cultural background viewing it as ethnically and culturally repressive behaviour)

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