Wednesday, 5 April 2006

Why? Why? What madness is this?

PHP Bulletin Board
Ok, i am going to try something a little different very soon. I am thinking of putting up a bulleting board. Yes, that is right a bulleting board (BBs). Dear God only knows why i am about to plunge into this madness, but i shall have a go.

Everybody seems to be a members of any number of BBs, which cover anything and everything.

I have no idea why i want to put up a BB other than "I can, therefore I will". Its not as if the web hasn't enough of the bloody things.

Maybe i shouldn't. Nah, i will. I shall have a bulleting board and it shall be called Wee Gamers also (Like the continuity thing going on???)

I have looked around and of course being a right tight arse and general stingy bastard when it comes to giving somebody else my hard earned dosh, I have found a number of free BB hosters. I have started one with PHPBB for free because it uses PHPBB software, with which i am familiar. Table Top North uses it for its forum. You can download the free PHPBB software from its own website at, bizarrely enough, PHPBB.

I have just started it and will stick up a link to it at some stage. I feel like an information junky now, constantly checking the BBs i am a member of or checking my email inbox for new emails. God, when did the world suddenly become so obsessed with the speed of information??
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