Wednesday, 19 April 2006

So much time wasting to be done, so little time to do it in.

Well happy bloody Easter, or whatever you wish to call shoving chocolate eggs down your throat in a rabid orgy of excessive chocolate consumption.

I sound a little like a hum bug but I am not really. Just fancied the rant, seeing as I have not been online for a few days. Thought i had caved in, eh??

I have been doing some DIY in the house and now have my cubby hole completed (including surround sound). I am also 'wifi man' using a Linksys WAG54GS system. Don't I sound so up to speed with technical products? No? What do ya mean No?

All right, all right. I had finished the box room which would be my office (i.e. where i could store all my crap with the proviso that anything outside my said office would be summarily burnt by wifey.). This Office is next to the room where the computer used to be and there was a telephone extension in that room. Hmmmmm, minor problem now. I had a sudden epiphany of this when i had moved everything into my office and found nowhere to pug my modem into. Bugger.

Would it mean a little trip to the mighty B&Q to purchase telephone extension cable and the judicious use of my trusty electric drill? It started out that way, until as fate would have it we were sucked into the vortex called PC World in Lisburn (sorry, City of Lisburn). Lo, in front of our unworthy eyes we didst find the treasure of wirelessness connectivity to the mighty broadband that is Wanadoo. At £64 we thought (see how i am transferring guilt of forking out money for a luxury by merely replacing the incriminating word 'I' with the word 'we'?) what the hell? We will go wireless. So after being sucked in to buying a cute optical mouse that glowed and an aluminium keyboard (it had to be done) off we went home. We arrived back mid afternoon, later at midnight I nearly threw the thing out of the window. It just would not work for me.

Next day techno geek Rob arrived double clicked here, double clicked there, entred a couple of letters and bingo, i am online within 3 minutes. I jumped with Joy, gave him a manly hug like they do at football matches when their team has finally won a match after 20 years of failing to score a goal, or when Northern Ireland beat, yes BEAT, England 1-0 in 2005 (i was well happy).

So anyway, it confirmed to me 2 things
  1. It is easy to answer the question when you know the answer.
  2. I am a technological ludite.

Mind you, I..... We also went to ASDA for some essentials on the Shore Road in Belfast and i picked up a decent surround sound system for under £30 (though how it will continue working remains to be seen, it is only £30!!). I would slap my arse twice but i am sitting down, so I won't. Not bad at all now that my little hive nest of gaming essentials is ready. Lovely jubbly.

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