Tuesday, 2 May 2006

Chris Moyles - Listen you will, very funny he is

I was listening to Chris Moyles this morning on Radio one.

If you can tune into Radio 0ne on 97-99FM, or on your digital or on the web then, listen to the Chris Moyles Show. It should be made compulsory by the Government. It would be the one good piece of legislation Blair would ever come up with.

Chris and his crew (Comedy Dave, Rachel, Dom and Aled) just make me want to wet my pants. Which is not good when you are in your wife’s new car driving on the M2 into Belfast. Indeed I have to thank Wifey for turning me away from my news junkyism of listening to BBC Radio Ulster and onto Chris. I now feel much cheerier walking in through the front door of my work.

Well, today Chris phoned his friend, Longman, of Longman Sandwiches. I would probably drop in to have a sandwich but Longman’s shop is in Rothwell, Leeds and I live in Ballyclare, so unfortunately I can not plug how delicious his sandwiches are. Pooper.

Anyway, go to Longman’s site and check out his ‘Great Wall of Barry’ and vote for your favourite. I voted for Barry Scott of Cillit Bang fame.
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