Wednesday, 4 July 2007

A GT Virgin am I

I love playing 40k. It is a load of fun and i always puts me in mind to paint those damn minis i have bought.

There is a yearly grand tournament on the outskirts of Dublin and this year i am taking the plunge by having a go.

A grand tournament is basically a big excuse for over 16s to play wargames. The tickets are 60 Euros or about £40. So i phoned Games workshop mail order and placed my order.

The GT is taking place in the Clarion Hotel in Liffey valley and i am bringing my own command squad (wife and little pink daemon now 10 months old)

I got kicked into action at Q-Con 14 in June this year when i met up with Martin Morrin from GW who organised a 40k 1000 point tournament at the con. I could not take part as i was not able to arrive in time. I had visitors in the morning and that scuppered the old plans - ah well.

So - hotel booked and tickets booked - what next. Ah yes the army. At 1700 points it looks like i can have a good go at making a good list.

Unfortunately for me it is so damn hard to do, but i will give it my best shot. Hopefully on the 14th July some of my friends and i will have a run through but i have a feeling my ass will be handed to me on a plate as usual.

I will put my list up as soon as i have something finalised but i keep changing my mind!!
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