Saturday, 14 July 2007

First Outing for GT Army

Well today i had my first outing with my Grand Tournament army as a dry run for the actual event in August.

I used the Dark Angel veteran models for my command squad with a Company Master converted from the Azrael model. Make no mistake though, this is no Dark Angels list.

It is just an ordinary Adeptus Astartes Codex Chapter, with a leaning towards the darker ritual based side of the Space Marines.

I am going with the Marines as, basically, i like them and i have a lot to learn in tactics. I can think of them afterwards but never, it seems, at the time when it would help me win a battle.

To the left is a picture of a Sergeant from my Chapter. It is a very nice model and i like the style. The colours are metallic silver, metallic gold and black with a little bit of crimson thrown in every so often.

This style came from the beginnings of my Daemonhunter army, which i only have one full 10 man squad of Grey Knights in Power Armour and one 5 man squad of Grey Knights in Terminator Armour. I really liked the colours i was able to come up with and how them all seemed to complement each other, or at least i think so anyway.

I thought they looked Gothic, dirty and powerful. Something which always appealed to me about 40K.

To the right is my Grey Knight Brother Captain in terminator armour. Hope you like it, but he is far from finished, paint job wise.

I think that is what i like about metallics - they can look finished fairly quickly. Which helps as i am a lazy bastard when it comes to painting.

I will put up the army list i used tomorrow as well as a couple of write ups on how they went.

Lets just say that its not the winning that matters but the taking part.

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