Tuesday, 27 March 2007


I had a really strange gaming session last night at TTN.

I had not been for a while and had missed out on joining in with a super heroes campaign. Hey ho.

But last night i got a chance to visit TTN and floated around a bit before joining some friends to chat about lots of different gaming crap while they waited for their GM to arrive. They are currently playing a True D20 game called 'The Savage Tide', a sort of pirates meets made adventurers looking for loot and experience.

I was invited to play some of the NPCs they would meet as well as another guy - sorry can't remember his name. This might be interesting, i thought. And so i sat down ready for the moments i would be needed.

The group of adventurers last night were
  • Vash - a halfling of indeterminate alignment with a disturbing obsession with giving opponents a brutal vasectomy without anaesthetic.
  • Rakim "the Monkey" - not a monkey but an adventurer who looks and acts very like Errol Flynn. God bless 'im.
  • "Grim" Tom - a big black mofo who is grim and called Tom. 'We're doomed'
  • Solomon Prune - a wizard with a yellow streak a mile wide but unlucky for the enemy to have near them as they constantly seem to fall over or trip up unexpectedly during combat.

They are down a hole in the ground and start looking around. Above the the noise of running water close by they hear ..... not much. Vash stumbles over a door and SNEAKS through in true Order of the Stick fashion. The group find themselves in a corridor and start hearing - or thinking they are hearing - voices. At least the voices were not in their heads. More doors are discovered and they move through the closest. A small antechamber with a table, chairs and a set of playing cards strewn across them. And ........ another door. They hear movement on the other side and Rakim decided to surprise them. Only he got a surprise - it was a sword trap that almost sliced him in two but he did his Errol Flynn thang and somersaulted back into the safe room where his comrades stood laughing.

Moving back down the corridor in the other direction they once again came across a door with voices behind it. In burst our erstwhile heroes to find a load ofroguish like rogues practicing mugging people onhanging dummies. This is where i came in with a trusty d20 and a very dodgy west country accent 'Oilave you, moi lovelies'. I think the 6 npc goons lasted slightly longer than normal,a total of 8 rounds i believe. Vash agian kept going for the goulies while Grim Tom and Rakim had a whale of a time down a few of the inbred goons. Butmy d20 kept my favourite goon going til the very last - almost survived the encounter. With a light cornish accent and effeminate approach, he was as camp as a row of tents and had taken a fancy to Rakim, which i thinkkept putting him off his swing. But he had his revenge on the annoying oik with a swift kick to the head when 'camp' boy was knocked off his feet.

The rest of the evening consisted of the group convincing the other 'Deliverance' wannabes that a molotov cocktail was in fact the 'mighty Prune' firing off a fireball -which seemed to work until they found themselves trying to also run away from what seemed to be a jabberwock - looking forhis jub-jub tree probably.

I left at this point as i had to get home to see my own little munchkin and wifey. I have never had such fun playing an NPC and winding up the player characters. Thanks Gary, Trev, Tim, Scott and Tony for making me laugh so much i nearly had an asthma attack - and i don't have asthma!

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