Monday, 26 March 2007

Games acoming

Recently i have been quiet again because i have had very little time to roleplay and any spare time i have had i have been painting minis.

I have a load of old plastic Space Marines (the Rogue Trader plastics) that i am putting together and painting becuase i thought "waste not, want not". I also bizarrely have loads of plastics from the 2nd days - nice and quick clip together minis.

Currently i have a Grey Knight terminator squad decently painted and a grey knight 10 man power armour squad aslo not bad in the old painting stakes - although it is very easy to paint the blighters as they are silver. The old drybrushing is a god send.

A friend showed me how to base them and let me tell you a good basing is as good as a good paint job on the figure. I will take pics and upload in the next week.

I am going to use them as allies with my own army the "Headhunters" chapter 231. Still doing the background fluff and i am not yet sure of the complete backgroud and where they come from.

Pictures of the lads will be forthcoming.
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