Thursday, 27 July 2006

Games Moneyshop, or should that be Games NoMoreMonenyshop

Games Workshop has just found itself dumped with a 73% drop in profits. Mostly blamed on a fall in Lord of the Rings sales and the amount of investment they have made.

Part of me says "serves you right for the amount of money you charge for a couple of pieces of plastic" and another part of me worries that if it all goes kaput then how will i maintain my GW games fix??

I don't think they are goning to go away any time soon, but it is slightly worrying that they keep putting the prices up when the prices for models are already over-inflated. Staff get a 50% discount - that's a hell of a discount - on GW stuff. But then again they are on fairly shit pay.

I am rediscovering 40K (much to the dispair of my wife and bank account) and am building up a space marine army and a chaos space marine army (even more rolling of eyes from the wife), though i am getting a bit of a yearning for either necrons or tyranids (NB- keep wife away from kitchen knife set and make sure hammers and miniatures are both inaccessible). I also have far too many eldar and orks at home but have never 'filled' them out with vehicles etc. God, so many miniatures and so little time to paint.

At TTN we will be creating a narrative campaign for the August month based on the Medusa campaign. A few of us have already registered and logged our first battles.

In Northern Ireland one problem has ocurred where the GW shop is linked to the Northern Europe operation while NI is still, technically, part of the UK. I and my friends have all registered for Edethor (the UK territory), but i don't think the shop can register our games as Northern Europe are fighting over another territory. Heyho, no gaming in the shop then. Its like they don't want us to turn up or something.

If anybody out there can clarify this i would be very pleased. I may even venture into the shop and ask.

I will put more info up on our campaign soon and if any of you lot wnat to join in keep your eye out on this blog and on the TTN Forum in the TTN Open board section
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