Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Learnin for how til play warhammer

I have always been a 40k player. Period. I love the skirmish style play of 40k and a lot of spin offs from GW such as necromunda and mordheim. I also adore bloodbowl.

40K is my thing and i love the feeling that every time i put my guys down on the table i can hear them shouting 'Incoming', or 'Fire at will' or even 'Their well out of ran... arrrgh.' The thrum of engines and the stacatto of bolter fire echoing through an alein war torn city.

Then a while ago i bought Battle for Skull Pass for some bizarre reason and suddenly past feelings of being 10 to 16 again as suden bursts of D&D, WFRP and heroquest exploded into my mind like an ancient WWII unexploded bomb that had lain for decades forgotten til dredged back up again. I remember there used to be a shop called Liesureworld in Belfast (long gone now - its is merely a carpark now). Basically it was our version of Hamleys. Top floor, i think it was the second floor, right down near the hornby counter was 1980's games workshop goodness. Five - yes FIVE - minis in a blister pack for.....wait for it ....... £2.50. Still have the buggers - i bought the fantasy figures. Full of character and good detail. They still stand up to some of the stuff produced by GW nowadays.

Anyway, i have now had a few games of Warhammer with my dwarf army and i hope to organise a few more soon. I have been trounced like a goodun but have enjoyed the games. One against Empire - damn those bloody pistoliers on their horses and my stunty 3" movement. The other was against Vampire Counts - vicious glips they are too.

Important thing in this all is that i had fun playing - so i win anyway.
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