Thursday, 8 May 2008

40k: Revolutions

Well by now you should already be aware of the imminent release of 40k 5th Edition.

Some nice rumours can be found at Bell of Lost Souls

There is also a mother of all cheesy trailers on the GW website at

Surprised that they have it hosted on Youtube, but there you go the money meisters are at it again, probably knowing full well that they do not have to do that much of a hard sell.

I have dibs on the Gamers edition which will, apparently, be in a nice ammo crate box with some counters.

I also received via the 40K underworld an alleged copy of the 5th edition pre-finished in a pdf format. I wonder if this is a real thing, and if it is - is it a deliberate leak to get people playing with the new rules now so they will be used to the difference come July when it is launched??
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