Monday, 14 August 2006

Further Developments on the web

In my quest for new gadgetry and all things weblike I have become reaquianted with an old friend.

With so many free online publishing widgets now I thought i would have a wee look around. I really like the idea of entering information directly into the browser, hitting the publish button and seeing it on the web where everyone can see it too. It is a fantastic move forward from ftping it from my computer onto a site. It means i can update (when i can be arsed) my site from anywhere. I like this new gift of mobility.

Blogger is a brillant little tool. It is because of Blogger that you are having to wade through this crap!

I have looked at others but I went with blogger because it is quite simple to use but still has backend functionality (I can piss about with the code) however, it has ignited something else with me. I want more.

I found what i thought was it at Hubpages but it is still in beta and i think has a way to go yet - although i think it is quite nifty and likeable. Unfortunately its little money making scheme is putrely based for US consumption and in trying to get a little UK action i think i broke my page!! My hub pages are at As you can see they seem a bit cluttered. But i think the idea is sound.

Then i came across When i first created webpages one of the big things to try out was the guestbook. I found bravenet and used their guestbook links. I also used other bits and pieces from them. It seemed good stuff anyway. Though i got fed up with webing for a while and took my pages down. In my search for a free website i refound bravenet and am currently messing around with it. I will let you know how i get on with it.

The main point to this is freeweb - browser based input technology is coming on in leaps and bounds. There is no excuse for not having a presence on the web, all it takes is a little imagination.
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