Monday, 16 February 2015

Wee MechWarriors outing with the 2015 First Quarter Cake Doubles Tournament

The Battletech Cake event at the Wee Gamers Bunker is coming!

This event on Sunday 22nd February 2015 at 6pm is open to all skill levels. Even Wee Ivor!

Experience is best earnt doing, so even if you think you are rubbish at maths or know nothing about the mech universe.....This IS for you. The chance to compete.....granted potentially badly, but potentially really well! And win cake. Your participation would be the icing on the cake.

This is a for fun (read cake) Battletech tourney, but was thinking doubles matches. Teams drawn at random form a pot of experienced players and a pot of recruits so there is an old hand and a novice on both sides of each match. Chuck a quid a head in and winners get a cake (value and quality dependant on number of participants - so even if it's just four of us there's still a cake smile emoticon )

There is a Facebook event page for those with access and wish to sign up.

An informal blind draw event matching new and established players in teams for a slug fest ending in a no holds barred free for all. Cake for the winning Duo. Mr Brett & Mr Ewan will provide the format structure and robots of doom enabling even the Mechless to stand proud beside even the hardest of Vetrans. After checking with the powers that be I'm not actually free myself till 1800 hrs : being the key holder I get away with it ;-)

How this will work. 
This is based entirely on the Battletech open tournament rules pack, using the Battletech Total war ruleset (which is just like the intro box rules but with extra sauce and new toys like gauss rifles and HAG's and ATM's). If you are a novice, don't worry - there are a lot of not novices floating about, so if in doubt just ask. There are 3 rounds that last an hour and a half each with roughly a 15 minute break between each round. Each player will be given a map sheet. and a Blue page of Usefulness (Total war Quick reference sheet) 2 mech models one lightish and one heavyish that are easy to tell apart and 4 dice, 2 rollers (white) and 2 movement dice (not white), a pencil. You can use your own models if you want and your own dice (providing its obvious what the numbers are they're not all sorts of eye-bending symbols) and your own pencils. 

You may bring a mascot for luck if you think this will help. 

Each round you’ll get a choice of faction - this will determine what 2 mechs your using for each round. More than 1 person can choose a faction and hopefully they won't end up playing each other but if they do, ah well never mind, civil wars happens 

Round 1 
4th succession war - Intro level Mechs Capellian Confederation Draconis Combine Federated Suns Free worlds league Lyran Commonwealth 

Round 2
Jihad - Total War Tournament legal Inner Sphere Mechs Capellian Confederation Draconis Combine Federated Suns Free worlds league Lyran Commonwealth Word of Blake 

Round 3
War of the Reaving - Tournament legal Clan Mechs Clan Wolf Clan Ghost bear Chan Steel Viper Clan Hells Horses Clan Diamond Shark Clan Jade Falcon Clan Star adder 

The mechs will have pre-determined pilots and ammo loads. Your first choice is final You’ll then be paired up at a table


You'll need to mark on your sheets which mech model represents which sheet and tell whoever you're playing as well, There’s no way we can provide even vaguely wysiwyg models in the time available with the random selection of madness that has been put together and in the numbers needed. You can show each other your record sheets now if you want. Then roll off to see who sets down their map sheet first then the other player will put their map sheet in a legal position. 

Then roll initiative and play.

After 1.5 hours or one side loses both its mechs to destruction stop playing and hand in your sheets and the scores will be toted up. 

We would ask that you do not disturb games in progress if your pilots take an early fusion bath. 

If you want to swap map sheets after a game please feel free playing on the same terrain can get a bit dull Destruction is defined on page 128 of total war, in addition if a mech can’t move or fire any weapons (for example its lost and arm and a leg) it is considered destroyed. 

Forced withdraw is not in effect for these games . 

Each player gets 1 edge point per game. You can use edge to reroll any dice after the roll to set up maps. ANY PAIR OF DICE OR SINGLE DICE ROLL AT ALL. Use it wisely (like when you get shot in the head with a Clan PPC or take 3 crits to the centre torso, or you can always piss it away on a cluster roll for an LRM5 your choice or forget you have it, i always do). 

You get 100% of BV for a killing a mech. If you don’t kill the mech you get the following 15% for each arm destroyed (or blown off) 20% for each torso or leg destroyed (including blown off) 30% if the unit cant do more than 5 points of weapon damage due to no ammo or crits 3% for a critical (not counting those in destroyed locations) 2% for a location with internal damage (per location) 1% for a location with armour damage only (front and back) Up to a max of 75% of BV Bonus points will be awarded for things that amuse the adjudicator. 

In the case of a tie, something or other, as decided by the overlord, will be done. 

Remember, it's all about the cake.

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