Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Wee Gamers video review of Star Wars Imperial Assault

You can't open a box like this without a quiver of excitement. Just like the opening credits of Star Wars that moment of excitement.

Of course in a game you can subsequently find disappointment so what would imperial assault fire at us? Well if you've watched the video you will have seen how we found it, and it's fairly honest. One thing we can do is set aside the giddy schoolboy to look at things a little bit colder. 

Factually Imperial Assault doesn't disappoint. 
The box is loaded to the brim literally and as its Fantasy Flight the build quality is never something you're gonna find sub par. The card components are all top shelf, sturdy and detailed, but that itself isn't a new thing or the sole reserve of FFG. 

That said they are not in your face Star Wars. Bar a few details they could be any game tiles. Now that's not a criticism, far from it. Rather I mention it incase the fandom expected some insane theme to be carried through them with every tile lifted from the movie set. Perhaps in expansions, if there are any we may see such a thing, but the game follows after the last three movies and the battle of yavin. So you have recognisable elements, forest sections, imperial bases, scrap yards and desert settlements among other things. Recreating movie stories is not going to be hard really. 

If your not a regular FFG player you will be taken aback by the wealth of cards and tokens. All have very specific uses, indeed not all are used in every game. Equipment cards for example are bought and only certain ones are accessible depending on the stage your at in the campaign. The campaign reads very well and seems quite tight. The story progresses with various blocks of written story, and changes rewards to both sides depending on imperial or rebel victories. 

Okay so you want to hear about the minis yeah? 

Well yes you get Luke (farm boy) and Vader (advancing) you also get the set of rebel heroes which represent the cross section of aliens you'd expect. Several Stormtroopers, Officers, probe droids, e web engineers and Royal Guard - a couple of critters for good measure and did I mention an ATST? It's lovely. No, no lies, it's lovely and it's pretty much 28mm scale. I found the minis to be a tad tall. Not horribly so, just a hint elongated. But overall they don't disappoint. There are already several painting guides on YouTube which are easy to follow if that's your thing too. 

Game play is fairly easy to pick up and a training mission breaks you into the swing of things with a rules light story, allowing you to get to grips with the core mechanics before throwing everything at you. Characters are fairly hardy and you can approach the game in different difficulty settings of a sort depending on the number of players. With fewer active players your characters get upgrades to make them a bit more hardy. We found the missions tight time wise, and you really have to be quite heroic and take the hits. Hanging back and self preservation these are not the way of heroes. Do so and the imperials can easily gain the upper hand. Upgrades come in the form of cards and other bonus Add one your players find or buy as they progress. 

There are also two game modes. The campaign adventure and skirmish. Skirmish is a new trick. You can simply pick balanced forces and have battles across the game maps. There are a number of skirmish missions, some even introduce third parties such as raiders by use of tokens in the board. We haven't got to play skirmish yet, but we will get round to it. 

Expansions wise there are a number of packs out there already. Each comes with a figure(s) all of whom appear in the core games campaign story. In the box you are provided with tokens for these additional figures. But purchase , though not essential, does seem to reward you with an additional mission sheet and skirmish scenario that then adds to the base game too. Though we've only played a couple of times, the attraction and interest of there, it's an enjoyable and fast paced game with we feel a good return on your money. It's got a learning curve,but it's not as steep as some other games of similar size and price. 

If your a Star Wars fan it's a pleasure. If you're also a Boardgamer there is a real game here too, not just a quick easy cash in affair.

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