Saturday, 14 February 2015

Luck of the Irish on Kickstarter with M13 Miniatures campaign

Miniature13 is a new miniature manufacturing company from Limerick (though has its roots in Galway - both great game convention cities by the way) and has its sights set on creating beautiful, original and interesting 32mm miniatures for SciFi and Fantasy as well as larger pieces for painters and collectors.

And as with a lot of companies these days it has headed to Kickstarter.  Opting to go for a funding campaign lasting just 17 days instead of the usual 30 seems like a rather "courageous" move. But, boy, has it paid dividends!

Miniature13 has started creating a small but, i must say, very well formed, set of 32mm Sci-Fi miniatures that are perfect for just showing off painting skills, or dropping them into any number of tabletop wargames currently on the market. and their kickstarter has been nearly as slick as their concepts

As you can see from the artwork, each one of the characters will be quite slick and stylish. And so inspiring they were funded for the 3,000 Euros they were asking for within 2 hours. And in just a day or so have more than doubled their target. Definitely a line of miniatures and company to keep your eye on.

The concept art is very evocative and has a gritty preciseness about them. Almost Marvelesque - especially making me think of Guardians of the Galaxy.



But will their detailing translate across into physical resin miniatures? Well from the looks of some of the test models at the moment, yes. Yes they will.

As with all kickstarters, there are still levels to be unlocked and freebies for the different level with a couple of early bird levels (but they are almost gone - so move quick if you want to pledge).

If you are looking for something a little off the cuff, stylish, and more than likely will be a pleasure to paint (or a pain depending on your skills)

You can keep up to date with M13 on Facebook and Twitter.

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