Saturday, 21 February 2015

Delving into the Society of Dreamers.

The Society of Dreamers is a role-playing game about a little-known group that formed in Europe in the early 19th century. This group seems to have studied dream phenomena – specifically, they seem to have held the belief that there were autonomous life forms living in people’s dreams. The Society called these creatures mnemosites – dream eaters. However, it seems that the Society may not have seen the mnemosites as a danger. Sources indicate that the members sought to find and understand mnemosites, using the scientific tools available in their times.

Only one photograph of the Society has survived. It shows the members gathered outdoors, at a picnic by the river. Their faces are obscured. Between them is an oujia-board-like object. On the back is written a date – the 15th of May – but no year or location. 

Wee Gamers delves into the strange world of The Society of Dreamers with the help of Dine Ramse.
Dina Ramse was kind enough to begin unravelling the mysterious world of Norwegian roleplaying and that journey began with The Society of Dreamers.

I interview Dina about the Society of Dreamers for our podcast below.

And as a taster, I have to say Society of Dreamers is an excellent rpg for Conventions with a limited timeframe as it can be easily tailored to the timeframe allowed.  Its a strange beast and i'm told very popular in Norway (and i can understand why) as it runs without a single GM and any independent resolution mechanic. But bizarrely, fruitbats that we are, we managed easily not to go off on silly tangents. The system seemed to have a silent set of rules quietly ticking over in the background that kept us from being stupid and probably ruining the point of the game. 

Almost as if Mnemosites really were there. in the background. Guiding us towards the inevitable end of the game. Hmmmm.

Again, many thanks to Dina for running the game for us and we look forward to more coming soon.

Wee Ivor.

Game board that can be used to set scenes

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