Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Battlefront DUST themselves off and release a statement

We have made contact with Battlefront for their take on the Operation Babylon issue that has raised its head over the past couple of days.

But in the meantime, they have just recently put up an update onto the Kickstarter page to let backers know what is happening and responding, in a way, to what we have posted up from Paolo.

In response to the debate washing around the internet, on social media and on our previous post from the DUST creator Paolo Parente, Battlefront have put up a statement:

Update #96 Feb 2 2015
A statement from Battlefront Miniatures 
Some of you are aware of the recent allegations playing out on Facebook, and are eager for an official statement from Battlefront clarifying our position. For those of you who weren't aware of the unpleasantness, we apologise for having to bring it to your attention now. 
The rumours and speculation on social media regarding the current state of the Dust Operation Babylon Kickstarter are becoming out of control. We would prefer to keep ugly disagreements out of the public eye, but we cannot remain silent any longer without giving the impression that we are hiding something. 
However, we will not be engaging in a trial by social media. Facebook is not the place to professionally resolve issues. Especially not when we are still optimistic that the situation can still easily be salvaged through negotiation in good faith. 
There are two sides to every story, and a significant dispute remains regarding the parties’ obligations. Battlefront has repeatedly sought professional mediation with Dust Studio as a way to resolve this dispute fairly, which is the usual way to resolve contractual disagreements like this. We are still actively pursuing this. 
We still expect a satisfactory outcome, but it will come a lot sooner if Dust Studio stop trying to manipulate backers through social media, with a lot of inaccurate and incomplete statements, and instead sit down and resolve their problems in a professional manner. 
If you really do stand with Dust Studio, the best thing you can do is to encourage them to agree to neutral professional mediation. 
-Battlefront Miniatures
Kickstarters can be their own nightmare, especially if they are a bigger success than anticipated.

The one thing that really needs to happen is, whatever either company thinks of each other, is to be business like and get through this, produce the goods as promised through kickstarter and move on.

This may just be a storm in a tea cup, though I am sure it may not feel that way to those directly involved.

I am confident neither company involved is going to 'go down' as many seem to be surmising. All companies, in this financial climate are having to work harder for less returns. And as such every penny/cent matters. To panic now would spell trouble for one if not both.

One piece of advice I would have for Battlefront is that they need to invest in a social media/pr advisor. While this blew up into the more public domain in a fairly short period of time, and was highlighted by Dust Studios, who believed their reputation was being damaged so acted. Personally, I commend them for doing so. Social media is a very very fast flowing medium. You can not retreat and hope it will blow over.  Battlefront just seem to have missed a trick in putting out their own side of the story to let the gaming community know. I understand the statement above. Legal stuff can be very tricky in and of itself. However it says little of what I would like to know (where the process is at the moment in fulfilling the Kickstarter and what and where the delays in the process are) but lets a few things out of the bag that raise eyebrows even higher (there is a contractual disagreement and they are looking for mediation i.e. there has been a breakdown in the relationship).  The tone of the statement as well is not exactly the warmest I have ever read.

I have heard some rumblings about updates, or lack thereof. Having looked at the Kickstarter updates, I have seen worse, and Battlefront are middlin to fair on the updates. Backers are always jittery when the time is nearly at hand to receive their goods. I speak from personal experience ;)

I love Battlefront, and the things they have achieved since they started is staggering. Their Flames of War range has brought us many good evenings of gaming in World War Two. Though sometimes getting stuff has not been plain sailing - hence perhaps the increased sense of dread in the community. 

Here is hoping that this can all be resolved quickly and as much as possible to everyones satisfaction.

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