Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Ghostel will be opening its doors to find the Top Ghost

Blue Cat Games has joined up with Chronicle City to produce Ghostel, the haunted house game with a twist.

Instead of playing erstwhile explorers delving into the unknown, players take the part of the ghosts trying to keep the living out of their home

Sounds kind of like a boardgame version of the likes of Dungeon Keeper where players use Spookie Favours and the felshbags own Phobias to send them running into the night
Bevan is an avid board and card gamer, and as a displaced Cornishman has spent way too much time playing games and skulking around his local hobby shops. He later escaped to Swindon, the land of roundabouts, where he currently designs games under the company Blue Cat Games, whilst infecting those who stand still too long with his gaming lurgy.

Bevan said
"I have some very exciting news, and I can’t wait to share! Blue Cat Games will be teaming up with Chronicle City to bring my board game Ghostel to publication! Ghostel is the haunted house game with a twist; instead of playing erstwhile explorers delving into the unknown, you take the part of the ghosts trying to keep their home ‘fleshy free’! Use Spookie Favours and your victims’ Phobias to send them running into the night. Scoring is based on which ghost scares the best, but clever positioning and movement around the haunted house can mean even the least frightening of players can score big. 
I’m very honoured to be working with Angus, an industry veteran whose feedback and support were vital during Ghostel’s early design and I believe Ghostel will be stronger for it. I look forward to sharing this project with you all!"

Chronicle City's Angus Abranson, said of the project,
"It's no secret that we're big board and card game players here at Chronicle City HQ and have been interested in developing and releasing some of our own alongside the RPGs we do. Well, we've been playtesting a bunch of great board and card games over the last year or so and are pleased to announce that we've teamed up with designer Bevan Clatworthy's Blue Cat Games to bring his 'Ghostel' board game to Kickstarter in a few months time! I've been playing *a lot* of Ghostel and one of the things that makes me feel it's a good game (apart from really enjoying it myself) is because a number of the groups we've been playing it with have actually asked us to bring it with us and play it again on other occasions"

Creepstone Manor has been closed for nearly a hundred years, standing dark and silent above the town of Creepstone, and that’s just the way resident ghost Spookie likes it! But now, the manor has been reopened and turned into a hotel for the living! 

You play the part of one of Spookie’s ghostly minions, charged with ridding the house of these warm-bodied usurpers. Use your skills of terror to send them fleeing into the night and win Spookie’s patronage. Who will be top ghost? 

The game of Ghostel is made of turns, and each turn is split into a Day Phase and a Night Phase. During the Day, new people will enter the hotel whilst those who already spent the Night and survived will calm down from their night-time visitations. Meanwhile, the ghosts are hiding in the attic, preparing for the next Night. During the Night, the ghosts walk the rooms, using all their scary tactics to frighten the humans away and show off for Spookie himself.

Blue Cat Gameis a small games design company set up by the errant Cornishman, Bevan Clatworthy.  It focusses on card and board games. Blue Cat Games look to pack big fun into their little games! They have a website and Facebook page

Chronicle City was set up by multi-award winning publisher Angus Abranson. Chronicle City works with a number of companies and designers, helping to publish and distribute their games. In addition they also develop and license settings to create their own role-playing, card and board games. They have a website and Facebook page

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