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Bolt Action AAR: Poland will be ours, Comrade!

A couple of the lads had a very early war game of Bolt Action from Warlord Games between the Polish and the Soviets, a small clash on the outbreak of the second invasion of Poland. 

They changed some of the scenario rules, just to add some flavour to the game. 

The Forces! 

The Polish Force
1st LT Medic team vet. Marksman vet. 
3 16 man squads each with 1 BAR. 
Light AT gun (bofors 37mm) 
TKS tankette 7TP with 2 MMGs 
10 Cavalry 
 All regular unless otherwise stated 
10 orders. 

The Russian Force

1st LT 2nd LT Commissar 
2 12 man LMG sqauds, 1 LMg per squad. 
1 12 man free rifle squad 
3 12 man rifle squads 
1 10 man NKVD squad, fanatic, 2 SMGs . 
1 Heavy mortar 
1 AT rifle team 
1 Light AT gun (45mm 1937) 
1 Gaz jeep 1 truck 1 Ba7 (light howitzer) 
The entire army is inexperienced other than the NKVD (Regular) and Ba7 (Regular)
16 orders. 

The Table
The Russian's attacked from the right side, Polish from the left, a small Polish village surrounded by light forests and fields. 
The Polish village

The Objectives. 
This is where we changed the game up slightly, the game was a mix of Top secret and hold until relieved. 

The NKVD along with the second LT and 45mm gun all carried in the truck and jeep arrived in the town ahead of the main Soviet push, the truck and jeep both had an order dice, but for the game were not used or given any order other than down. 

The units had to hold the countering Poles off until the main force turned up. The Poles objective was to get to the truck and get the NKVD papers and try to find out what the hell was going on and if possible turn back the Soviets. 

Some added rules for flavour 
The Poles from the outside couldn't bring on any tanks turn 1, turn 2 they could, but with a reserve roll with a -2, turn 3 a -1 turn 4 no modifiers to represent the confusion and trying to rush armour from one front to another. 

The Soviets could bring on everything from turn one, but always with a -1. 

The Poles could deploy anywhere on their half of the table, not within 18 inches of any Soviets though. 

The Soviets main force all were off table expect the jeep, truck, 2nd LT, 45mm and NVKD. 

Soviet Deployment 

Polish deployment

Turn 1 

The Soviets get the first few orders, the NKVD hear in the distance the classic sound of cavalry and head into the house closest to the Polish lines, the second LT also makes a bee line back towards his own line worried by the sound of galloping horses. 

The 45mm sitting in a nice position looking down the road leading north west and goes into ambush. The Poles react to the NKVD rushing into the house by advancing on it and opening fire causing a pin but not enough to kill anyone. 

The cavalry head to the south entrance to the village awaiting their momment to charge, the bofors sets itself in ambush looking straight through the town towards the road leading East. 

 The Soviets begin to arrive, and for an inxp army the vast majority arrive, only 2 rifle squads and an LMG squad get lost in turn one, the Polish marksman sits in a field in ambush but has no targets. The Soviets main thrust comes along to Eastern road, the free squad and another Rifle squad supported by a commissar and 1st LT, an LMG team work their way towards the large farm house. 

The BA7 swings in on the other flank and fires an HE round at the Cavalry waiting in ambush, but they escape. the BA7 is supported by the AT rifle team looking out for any Polish armour, the Polish medic moves up near the big Polish squad just to be safe. The last unit to arrive was the Soviet mortar, set up at the edge of the village to give some close barriages if required... and it would soon enough. 



Turn 2 
The poles lead turn 2 with massed fire onto the house with the NKVD who all hit the deck and go down, this saves them from getting killed but does add a second pin, unfortunately for that big squad of Poles, but very lucky for the Soviets the heavy mortar lands a hit in amongst them killing 6 of them. 

The cavalry make a rush towards the truck but seeing the massive amount of Russian infantry bearing on the Eastern road and bringing rifles to bare quickly turn heel and off towards their own lines and sweep round behind the cottage across from the NKVD squad! 

The Soviet Rifle squads keep moving up the road towards the centre of the village, the LMG squad make it into the large farmhouse and the BA7 gets more support from another Squad moving in on the left.

The AT rifle squad on that flank get up to the edge of the fields and fires a round wide at the Marksman who has repositioned on that flank. 

The Poles fail to bring on either tank and one of their big squads, as do the Soviets with the last remaining rifle squad and LMG squad. The BA7 rolls forward and fires it's LMG at the marksman getting a pin on him. 


Turn 3 
Turn three started bad for the Poles but quickly changes. The Soviets draw first order and now having zeroed that Polish infantry squad drops another round on them wiping them out. This is where the Soviet luck ends, as that Polish squad dies another Polish squad and the Lt turn up, the squad takes up firing onto the NKVD who yet again go down now up to 3 pins. 

The Soviet 2nd Lt who at the beginning of the game ran for cover heads towards the truck to try and give some leadership to the NKVD in later turns. But turn three is where the death comes... in the form of a twin MMG welding TP7, it blocks the line of sight of the bofors which hasn't done anything, but it turns both MMG's on the free squad in the open, they go down but still take 4 casualties and freak out ending up with 7 pins, being green didn't work out so good. 

The LMG squad in the farm house go into ambush overlooking the truck, the Soviet squad supporting the BA7 fires onto the marksman and score another pin! But not enough as the Polish LT get to him and gets him to fire on my AT rifle team and kill them stone dead. Back in the the village the other rifle squad seeing the free squad getting minced by MMG fire break across them to the left but the Polish cavalry get the jump on them and charge wiping them all out before turning tail out of reach of the LMG squad in ambush. 

Luckily the Russians always have more men and another rifle squad finally arrive along the Eastern road, sadly the other LMG squad fail to turn up as does the last Polish squad. The final move of the turn is the BA7 laying down fire but failing to score anything.


Turn 4 
The Poles get going with a TKS tankette screaming onto the table out of nowhere firing it's autocannon at the BA7 scoring 3 hits, the first bounces off, the second stuns the crew and the third goes straight through the turret and explodes the ammo! 

The cavalry chance their arm and try to break the Russian left flank by charging the Rifle squad supporting the BA7 but fail to reach by half an inch! 

That squad under close supervision of the Commissar hold and go into ambush while the Soviet 1st LT organises his newly arrived rifle squad to the house on the left of the Eastern road to reinforce that flank, although this leaves the soviet centre very weak as the 7TP finishes off the Soviet free squad and commands the centre of the village. 

The final Polish squad arrive at the tip of the road that leads north west and fire onto the 45mm but score no hits, it turns and heads towards the 7TP to get a clean shot off next turn. The Soviet mortar, with a sighter sent from the gods zeroes in on the Poles suppressing the NKVD again, now 4 pins, and hits them on a 6! 

Yet another Polish squad falls victim of the Soviet mortar bombs killing 5 of them. The Russians get their last LMG squad on, it's redirected towards the right flank to deal with the new big Polish squad and the LMG squad in the farm house move to the other side to get a bearing on them. 


Turn 5 
This turn the soviet claw back a little from last turn's bleak outlook. 

The rifle squad that moved into the house on the left of the Eastern road advances out the back door and gets on the flank of the Polish cavalry and open fire at point blank, but the cavalry decide to do an escape move.

The other rifle squad to use their ambush and get the point blank bonus, all together the 24 men manage to kill 8 of the 10 cavalry but then the commissars head is shot off by the Pole marksman and the TKS tankette opens up with the auto cannon killing 3 or 4 of the rifle squad. 

Back in the centre the 45mm fires before the 7TP can take them out, the shell hits, but fails to kill it, instead blows the track off and added pins, enough pin infact to save them when it turns both MMG's on them.

The NKVD receive another pin, this time from a Polish medic and the big poles squad takes another round from the Mortar but it only kils 3 or 4. 

Turn 6 
Turn six didn't really get off the ground, the Soviets got the first order, they took a risk and tried to get the NKVD to do something, anything other than going down and they did! Passing their order and seeing the Polish squad being weakened by the Mortar they charged into them and killed them all then withdrew to the cottage again. 

Once this happened we agreed the last remaining polish squad was too far out to get the papers and so the poles withdrew from the battle field.

The Poles inflicted more casualties than the Soviets, taking 6 units out to the Soviets 3, but they cost the poles more as there always seemed to be more inexp Russians appearing. 

The poles didn't have the strength in boots on the ground at the end to take the NKVD papers, but the Russians didn't have the anti armour to do much about the recce TKS or 7TP which being immobile sat as a twin MMG bunker. 

The guys called it a draw.
It was lots of fun, more early war games in the future, I enjoy all the weird armour and good old rifle men doing the fighting. 

The Bolt Action AAR was kindly written up by Kommissar Boris, who you will find lurking around on the Warlord Forums and enjoys his Russians.

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