Friday, 8 August 2014

The Forge Guard are coming

This caught my eye.  Having played a number of Mantic games before being lured away for a while with so many other shinies I was thinking its about time to revisit some of my favourite games that just happen to be made by Mantic.

Then I saw these bad boys. The forthcoming Hard Plastic Forge Father Forge Guard

There will be enough sprues to make 6 Forge Guard in armour including a Huscarl, including all the heavy weapon options! 

Following the background, 
The armour worn by the elite warriors known as the Forge Guard epitomises the qualities that set the Forge Fathers apart from other races. Fully enclosing its wearer, the armour provides a complete suite of life support, targeting and environmental data systems and combines them with the strength and protection of an armoured vehicle. The armour is capable of protecting its occupant from extremes of temperature and environment, and its sophisticated onboard systems will even allow them to operate underwater or in the hard vacuum of deep space for limited periods. The original design was for miners operating in frontier environments, but has been modified heavily to make the warplate seen today.
Now whilst this is primarily for use with Deadzone (now starting to really hanker for a game of it) because of the way Mantic are building up their universe you can also use it in Warpath, their Work in Progress futuristic tabletop wargame.  

These not-wearing-tactical-dreadnought-armour stunties look quite nice as i have also come round to the not-a-dreadnought Iron Ancestor and been painting one up.  The Warpath rules (pdf) are quite nice and, written by Alessio Cavatore, have been influenced by not only Kings of War but also Alessio's other superb game Bolt Action.

Whilst the normal load out is the Hailstorm rifle – capable of discharging a volley of shells at a high enough velocity to shred durasteel, and a Forge Hammer – a weapon which discharges a seismic pulse on impact, shattering armour and pulping organic matter, there are more than enough options to make units for both Deadzone and Warpath, with tons of weapon options and bits.

Wee Ivor

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