Monday, 18 August 2014

Oh Netherlords!! Heresy goes live on Kickstarter

Heresy Miniatures, the makers of Big Boris and the Netherlord, as of today has gone live with their first Kickstarter project.

We blogged an introduction on what Andy was intending to do this previously and now the fruits of his labour are beginning to bear fruit.

Heresy Miniatures are taking the opportunity that is Kickstarter to raise the funds needed to pay for the silicon etc needed to reproduce all the old big monsters that Heresy used to produce in metal before it got too expensive.

Andy wants to bring back the old classic monsters in resin as it’s so much nicer to have 3 or 4 large chunks of lovely smooth resin to assemble rather than a dozen chunks of hard to put together metal.

The project, if successful will ship in February 2015 - so not too bad a timescale.

Of note, the NetherLord Mark 1, spined and winged versions, will be exclusively available as part of this Kickstarter campaign! this will be your one chance to get this model you may have missed out on a few years back. As Andy says
Not only is it back, but it’s beautiful. None of the problems with assembly that the metal one had, and a lovely smooth surface to paint. Also you don’t need an arm like the Hulk to hold it up to paint! There are a few early bird special offers and one or two very limited reward levels on the campaign. Just go take a look and see what catches your interest.  I’m going to be constantly adding new Large Monsters and Minions and Fallen Ones and Merch and all sorts of wonderful, evil things over the next two weeks. 
The Kickstarter ends Wednesday the 3rd September.

Andy is also asking as many people as possible even if they don’t want to take part to please tell all their friends!

Oh and there will be badges!!





We hope his Kickstarter is successful and a small, but very well known, miniature company gets a boost.

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