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Dwarf King's Hold goes all Dungeon Saga for Mantic

Well Mantic Games have done it again with another Kickstarter and it it is delving into people's pockets. In fact within 4 minutes of going live this baby was funded.

Dungeon Saga: Dwarf King's Quest is the updated version of their first dungeon bash game Dwarf Kings Hold.  And it looks quite tasty, especially with the new sculpts, which include heroes and new undead.

There is also a special competition coming very very soon from Mantic to give you a chance to win a copy of Dungeon Saga: Dwarf King's Quest - that's for another Blog post ;)
I bought a copy of Dwarf King's Hold a while back and had quite a few enjoyable games of it. Easy to pick up, easy to play and difficult to master. Plus it was a good old Dungeon Bash.  It was also easy on the wallet.

What was there not to love?  Jake Thornton did a great job for Mantic Games with this beauty (he then went on to write Dreadball).  There were expansions for it as well to, er, expand on the races that could enter the dungeons.  My one and only quibble? The board pieces. There was no connector pieces (ala Warhammer Quest) nor were they cut like a jigsaw (ala Space Hulk). This made setup a little fiddly. But at the low cost it was not a big thing. Just niggly.

Then it pretty much sold out and Mantic seemed to want to really take this little boardgame to the next level.  And now Mantic Games have unleashed the Kickstarter for Dungeon Saga: Dwarf King's Quest.

Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest is the dungeon adventure board game for 1-5 players, ages 13 and up.  It is set in the Dwarf Hold of Dolgarth, one player will take on the role of Mortibris and command the Undead in a battle against mighty heroes. The four adventurers eager to explore the depths can be split between up to 4 players, or led by just one. You’ll use the simple rules to play through the game’s exciting scenarios, before eventually facing off against the Necromancer himself in a final showdown! 

And that's not all. Once you've played through the story, pick up and play with the Adventurer's Companion - a tome of Advanced Rules that introduces elements of classic roleplaying to your adventures! 

Like many of my age and slightly younger we tenderly remember the beautiful box containing a host of gribblies that a Barbarian, Dwarf, Wizard and Elf had to vanquish on a single board that could be set up in any number of ways. Yes, you may have guessed it, HeroQuest! Games Workshop teamed up with MB Games (now Hasbro) to give dungeon bashing to the masses and I still remember that Christmas. Games Workshop then went on to produce Advanced HeroQuest before producing in 1995 the beautiful Warhammer Quest.  Many other companies produced similar as the years passed.

I will say that I liked Mantic's take on the dungeon bash as a boardgame genre and from a quick skim of the new rules it looks like they have taken it a step closer to the heady days of HeroQuest.  I have yet to have a playtest of the game but that may happen quite soon (busy life permitting).  They have gone for the well known cliche, but for dungeon exploring its what we know best. There is a familiarity to it that reaches right back to the beginnings of being introduced to Dungeons and Dragons.

When the Kickstarter went live it showed how the appetite to search for traps in the floor and beat down on dungeon denizens was still very much there.  The project was funded in four minutes. Yup, four minutes.


You can also have a watch of a play through of the game to give you a taste for what is awaiting you so you know how many torches, 10' poles and backpacks to bring with you.

Oh yes, I mentioned having a play at this game.  So can you.

Mantic released the Alpha rules for Dungeon Saga for everyone to download.  you can download the Rules, the Dungeon Tiles, the Hero Cards and the Necromancer Cards.

You can help tighten up the rules on the Mantic Games Alpha Rules feedback thread.

The one thing I do hope for is that they sort out the board pieces and it should be damn near perfect. Fingers crossed.

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