Thursday, 3 October 2013

Godslayer - one year on.

On 1st October 2012 Megalith Games finally saw their baby, Godslayer, born.  It was unbound from its chains and set loose upon an unsuspecting world.

Wee Gamers heard about this game when the Hairy Painter flaunted the kickstarter under our noses.  We thought, "Oh here, he's at it again." but when we actually looked we could not believe how beautiful the range was nor how polished the rulebook and background book was.

When we got our hands on some of the Godslayer "Stuff" we were really excited and just had to review it.

We have been taking this lovely game around Ireland to the different conventions and has been fairly well received.  We hope to see a few more people getting behind this game in the future.

And so we just wanted to say - Happy Birthday Godslayer!! :)

Wee Andy and Wee Ivor

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