Thursday, 24 October 2013

Godslayer goes Free to Download

Megalith Games has announced that the Godslayer core rules is now a free downloadable PDF in ENGLISH and GERMAN. 

Megalith Gsmes said "After all the trouble with the GERMAN translation and printing of the books, we felt that we heavily owe our supporters a "quick" solution. So while we are still all waiting for the printed versions of the GERMAN rulebook, we wanted to give you the chance to start reading the rules right now and that´s why we offer the GERMAN rules for free download! Of course we did the same with the ENGLISH version so that no one is in any disadvantage. The downloadable PDF contains the complete rules on 110 pages! This will allow everyone to get a good look at the game and decide for yourself if you are joining the ranks of the fanatic Godslayer players all over the world!"

Can't say fairer than that.  Go and download the rulebook now and get yourself up to speed.  You can also download the quick-start rules as well.

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