Thursday, 4 July 2013

Gaming @ the Morrow Bunker (04,05, & 07 JUL)

The Morrow Bunker is open from 7pm Thursday night, Friday night and Sunday night this week.

And it looks like some Dropzone Commander is on the cards :)
This week we are recovering from our mission to Q-Con (hosted by Dragonslayers, the Gaming Society at Queen's University, Belfast.)

At Q-Con we all bumped into Hawk Wargmes who were there demoing Dropzone Commander.  Needless to say there was little left of the stand by the end of the weekend.  And so some Dropzone will be on the table this Thursday night.

Plenty of space too for other games. :)
 Keep Calm and Carry on Gaming

Do you have a game you want to bring down to play? To show others? Bring it down, we are always open to have a go at an old game or a new one.

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