Friday, 14 June 2013

Wee Gamers are off to Conclave

Conclave is one of two gaming conventions that happen in Limerick, the other being BroCon.  Conclave is an independent convention like GaelCon where it is held at a location that is not a University and is supported purely by ticket sales and independent fund raising.

This year it is taking place from 14th to 16th June and Wee gamers are off to Conclave.
Conclave is run by Gary, owner of The Gathering, Limerick's model, hobby and gaming centre. The Gathering has been open 15 years catering for gamers needs in Limerick and the surrounding area.

Conclave is held in the mighty Thomond Park with everything from 15mm Romans to 1:24 scale Mosquitos; locomotives to RPGs. Magic to Yu-Gi-Oh, 40k to DBA.  This year also sees the Battletech European Open  and the first Dreadball National of the season.

So there will be Wargames and Cardgames as well as plenty of craic meeting other gamers.  They also have a full timetable on their forum as well as Conclave's Facebook page.

Maybe see you there?

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