Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Wee Gamer adventures at Conclave

Conclave in Limerick was the latest convention we dandered of to visit this year and we had a ball over the weekend of 15 to 16 June.  Organised by Garry, owner of the Gathering, it was a definite homely affair being friendly, fun and full of gaming.

It is also one of two gaming conventions held in the beautiful city of Limerick which boasts having one of King John's castles and a long history.
We headed down in our battle buses from Belfast to Limerick on a journey that lasted about 4 to 5 hours, depending on whether you drove like Wee Ivor or drove a bit faster at a speed normally referred to as 'standard speed'. We think Ivor was too used to driving tractors and forgot that cars go faster.  The drive, while long, was pleasant enough as it is basically motorway the whole way down with enough stop off services along the way to refuel both the cars and ourselves.

Bunking up in the Travellodge in Castletroy, a pleasant enough hotel we fired out to the Baily Bar in the centre of Limerick for the usual pre-con meetup.  Wee Ivor got all our stuff dumped at the convention before joining us.  Coming in wide eyed we knew the that the convention centre must be something special.

In the morning we saw why.  Conclave takes place in Thomond Park, the home of Munster Rugby.  What a setting for a bunch of geeks who, usually, can not run the length of themselves.

Saturday and Sunday was filled with Warhammer, 40k, Lord of the Rings SBG, Battletech, Magic, Yo Gi Oh and Dreadball tournaments.  There was also roleplaying, freeplay and bucketfuls of demo games on the go.

The Battletech tournament was the European championships alongside the first Irish Dreadball regional for the chance for the winners to attend the big National Dreadball Tournment later in the year in England.  There was also a modelling and painting competition.

While not the biggest in size of attendees it more than made up for it with pure gaming energy and warmth of gamer  friendliness.  Everyone was enjoying the weekend and it showed in everyone's faces.  They even let normal people in after two O'Clock for free so they can see grown men play with tiny toy soldiers and see what the fuss was about.  This highlighted the friendly easy going atmosphere and the willingness to reach out to share the joy of gaming with others.

We had our stall and brought down a load of games to demo including Kings of War, Warpath, Dreadball, Deadzone, Heavy Gear, Zombicide and Sedition Wars.  Part of our team were also there in the official capacity of Mantic Pathfinder, Dream Pod 9 Pod Squader and Cool Mini or Not Haststi Legionnaire.  We were really happy to be able to bring all our love of gaming to both old and new gamers.  And boy was the Demo team busy!!  There were also excellent demos of Flames of War, Bolt Action and By Fire and Sword and we all took the opportunity to play each others games.

The whole atmosphere was relaxed and chilled out, though that may have been helped with a convenient bar in the room :)

The convention was well run, fun friendly, welcoming and warm.  Heartily recommend Conclave as Con to go to.   We will be there next year, hopefully with more people from Northern Ireland.

Enjoy the pics below and you will find more in our Facebook album.

Modelling and Painting Compeition




Warhammer 40K


Warhammer Fantasy 




Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit



Magic the Gathering and Yu Gi Oh 


Irish Dreadball Regional






Batletech Tournament






The stalls



The Demos



















The Craic 




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