Monday, 17 June 2013

Nights at the Round Table - they don't eat Spam a lot

Thursday night. Gaming night. and a new comedy is born onto the interwebs coming at you down a series of tubes.

Nights at the Round Table (see what they did there??) is a new webseries that started on 13th June coming from deepest North East England.

The style of comedy should be familiar to those who have watched Spaced (with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost).  And they hit the tone just right.

The main character of focus is Max, a game-loving supermarket worker who wears his heart on his sleeve.

He’s secretly in love with… Milly, a protocol-obsessed librarian/GM who rules the gaming table with an iron fist. She can’t stand… Sam, a be-suited twitter addict who’d much rather be in the pub. And they’re all mildly terrified of… Harmony, a rock chick who may or may not have brutally murdered one of their former gaming companions.

Together they are but four – in order to play, they need a fifth.

Nights at the Round Table’ follows their desperate, hilarious, and often terrifying quest to find the perfect player to fill that empty chair and make their team complete.

Along the way they’ll encounter ham-gobbling warlords, unsanitary Bisk champions and overly smug wizards, plus get through enough cheese puffs and booze to fell a stone giant. 

This is a brilliantly made and well put together series that I for one am looking forward to watching as the series develops.  Its ironic, funny, sarcastic, bizarre, quippy, trippy, surreal.  It is also well written, well timed and well acted.  The characters are totally at odds with each other but the storyline means why they are all in the same gaming group makes sense of a sort.

We have all come across one or another of these characters in our gaming lives.  And to me this feels like a nice reflection of the legacy of Spaced, a series that as a place in my heart.

The cast are

Arron Dennis as Max Turtleson 

Jennifer Jordan as Millie Gordon

Amelia Tyler as Harmony Hollister

James Rotchell as Sam Fisher

RedShirt Films are based in York, a magical little city in the North East of England. As the series was shot over a period of several months, there were a fair amount of crew working on it. The most notable would be…
Jamie McKeller – Writer/Director/Editor
Stewart Sparke - 1st AD
Tom Dunne – DOP
Daniel Vivash - Sound recordist
Chloe Furze - Hair and Makeup

You can follow them on Facebook Twitter , and YouTube  or visit their website for more information

Or watch episode one right here.  Enjoy

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