Thursday, 13 June 2013

NI Regional Dreadball tournament 29 June at Q-Con 20

Northern Ireland's first Regional Dreadball Tournament is coming to Q-Con in 2013!

Wee Gamers are incredibly proud to be running the NI regional Dreadball Tournament in partnership with Mantic Games and along with our very special friends Battleboards UK.

The tournament will be running at Q-Con on Saturday 29th June 2013 from 10am and there will be 4 games.

Signing up
In order to organise the tournament properly it would be best for you to let us know that you want to take part.  Email and in the subject put QCON DREADBALL TOURNAMENT with the subject or let us know on the Facebook Event page

The cost to take part in the tournament will be £5 which will be taken at the boardgame registration desk.  But make sure you have registered with the Convention first.

The tournament pack can be downloaded from Q-Con

Prizes will be given for First place, Second Place, Third Place, Best Sportsman and Best Painted. There may also be a few spot prizes as well. First prize will not only be a custom made metal Dreadball pitch only available through Regional Tournaments but a replica Dreadball only available at the Northern Ireland Regional Dreadball Tournament.

The Dreadball tournament prize pitch is bespoke for the Winner! These are limited edition pitches only given out as prizes to the Winners of the Mantic heats. They are printed onto a one piece metal pitch with the winner's name printed down one side and the event on the other.

The Dreadball trophy (Just been told the finished thing will be ready for you all to drool over very soon) will be there on the day but the final trophy will be sent to the winner with a little plaque attached.  This is being built by local business Articast 3D Ornamental Sculptures & Props.

The top ranked players will also receive tickets to the Grand Dreadball Tournament to take place in November at Table Top Nation in England. The Hairy Painter has kindly agreed to judge the Best Painted Team Prize Want to find out more about the game? Then drop by the Dreadball site or visit the Mantic Games section on Dreadball - See more at:

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