Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Pad of Geomorphic Intent - a kickstarter

Who would have ever thought someone would bottle water and sell it to people who could just turn on a tap and get it there?

Repackaging graph paper and selling to gamers as something special is surely in the same league?  Well, not quite.  The Pad of Geomorphic Intent, or graph paper to you and me, is something a little bit more special than the graph paper you pick up at your local supermarket.  

And is being kickstarted just to prove it can be done.

Now, we love the idea, simple as it is, because while it has been staring gamers in the face for years no one has done it like this before and we love the D&D referential name to boot.  So we had a quick chat to the genius of simple ideas, Peter Regan, the man behind the Pad of Geomorphic Intent.

I've been quite surprised by the initial response to my Kickstarer for the PoGI pads.
In essence they are just tiny pads of graph paper, but designed in way that makes them better for gamers. Although I use the word Geomorphic in the product title, I don't see myself using them exclusively for creating geomorphs. I think they are also great for drawing map fragment and encourage the creative process. I've already started using them for drawing maps of building floorplans, where the sheets get stacked on top of each other to represent different floors.
I got the idea for creating PoGI on the back of my first Kickstarter campaign that funded a short print run of AD&D character sheet pads. The printers that I used for the character sheets can print pads in all shapes and sizes. My character sheets were aimed at a tiny niche of the RPG market so I started thinking about something that would have a wider appeal. I settled on the idea of printing some sort of graph or hex pad.
As I'm always scribbling little maps and adventure ideas I usually keep a small notebook handy, and thought something to use like that would be ideal. I also really like the idea of being able to design it exactly the way I wanted.
Most squared paper is ruled with a 5mm grid, which I find a bit cramped. I've got an Italian spiral-bound notebook with a 7mm grid and that is perfect, but it only has a handful of sheets left. The reaction to the Kickstarter has opened my eyes to the possibility of an extensive stationery range for gamers.
If things go well with this project, I'll look to do some A4, or possibly even A3-sized pads next.

We love the idea, and apparently so do 111 others who have backed this little project to the tune of £937.  Yeah, small buttons compared to the multimillion Kickstarter projects from the likes of CoolMiniOrNot.  But he did only have £150 as the goal.  There are a 17 days left if you would like to join in and back the project.

Good on you, Peter.

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