Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Wee Gamers Podcast review of Godslayer

Wee Gamers get round the table for a very quick look at Godslayer, the miniatures skirmish game from Megalith Games.

So before we get a good look at the 'stuff' that is Godslayer on video we decided to sit around a table and have a natter with The Hairy Painter giving an overview of the game.

Have a listen (if you have nothing better to do) as we chat about our very fresh out of the box first impressions of the rules book, the background, and the miniatures.

We do get a little excited.


Megalith Games are fanatical gamers and collectors and work with their customers' satisfaction is a high priority.  And Wee Gamers were impressed at how quickly the 'stuff' was dispatched - so no issues there then.

Megalith Games Ltd. is a UK registered company founded in December 2008 by two fanatical tabletop gamers, David and AndrĂ©.  The company is registered in the UK and located in Germany and consider themselves to be a European company with an international focus, due to many business contacts in many different countries.

Godslayer is also on Kickstarter - Go check it out and throw them a few pounds.

Megalith Games are also on Facebook as is The Hairy Painter (where Rik will be putting up a competition for a chance to win a Godslayer model on Friday 15 Feb 2013!!)

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