Monday, 7 January 2013

Wee Gamers Podcast ... An interview with Chris Garland (pt1)

Wee Gamers have been messing around a bit to see if the technology would work to do a few podcasts.  And so you now find yourself on the page that contains the inaugural Wee Gamers podcast.

Now this is no ordinary 'Hello everyone' first podcast. Nope. No sirree!

Wee Andy gets to try out the connections by interviewing Chris Garland. Who is an American. In America.  Yup.  The first podcast is an international interview with the man who is bringing back The Morrow Project.
By day Chris Garland is a technology-support professional working in a university setting. At night he morphs into The Man from TimeLine ltd!!

Previously Chris was in the military and always had an interest in gaming. He used this interest during his military service to promote gaming as a recreational activity for his fellow service members and their families. 

While serving in the UK, he was elected president of his command-sanctioned gaming club, and served as president until the base was decommissioned in 1991. 

Frustrated by not being able to obtain The Morrow Project through local game shops, he began a plan to increase the availability of Morrow Project products. In 1998 he struck a deal with the owners of TimeLine Ltd. and created an online store so that others could get access to The Morrow Project products. By 2001 an agreement was reached and he took over ownership of TimeLine Ltd.

And so he has been beavering away on The Morrow Project and ended up going to Kickstarter to make the dream happen in a big way. And my goodness it hit over $35,000 in the end, more than double what he was initially looking for.

And now Wee Gamers had almost an hour on the line with Chris and so we have split it up into two parts.  Chris gives Wee Gamers a few exclusives on the latest Morrow Project, so listen carefully!

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