Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Now you can go Beyond the Gates of Antares

Well the latest Kickstarter tabletop project for 2013 is from Dark Space Corp and went live at the very start of Tuesday 1 January 2013 with Beyond the Gates of Antares.

We don't know why we are excited about this, maybe because it involves Rick Priestly and John Stallard.

Dark Space Corp introduces the concept,
"Beyond the Gates of Antares is a brand new science fiction wargame universe from Rick Priestley: the creator of the Warhammer 40,000 game universe and YOU! We’re creating an entirely original setting for a new and original game – a new idea for new times. GoA is a game that takes science fiction wargaming forward, with a fresh and unsettling vision of a future where mankind has spread amongst the stars… and changed. Changed into a species so much more than human… and so much less! Unlike other Kickstarter miniature projects that have done most of the work before hand, we’re here so that we can see if you are interested in not only backing us to fund the project but also if you’re interested in helping us develop the game rules, artwork, miniature range, tactical abilities, scenery, vehicles and everything else. We already know much of the initial design (well, it’s mostly in Rick’s head at the moment..) and we want to work with a unique set of enthusiasts with the vision to fund it and help us make it the best wargame experience that exists. Simply put: we NEED you!"

Beyond the Gates of Antares GoA aims to be the the world’s first real-time dynamic gaming universe.with its own online 'metagame'.  Dark Space Corp are inviting players to register to take part in an extensive series of online campaigns and adventures - called 'episodes'. DSC will create a lot of variable episodes from huge star-spanning military campaigns that last for many months and potentially years, to raids and surgical strikes that start and finish in a day. And all in real-time.

Players will feed the results of their battles (through website or smartphone App) and DSC will use the data to determine which of the game's factions wins control of each of the different fighting zones, and ultimately which faction is victorious in that particular episode. As the different episodes are real events happening in the Antarean universe players get the chance to affect the history of Antarean space! Furthermore, there are numerous rewards to be gained from each episode, and these will be made available through new technologies, in-game bonuses, and secret information to give factions an advantage in future episodes. 

DSC will also use information from the game to organise modelling schedules, so it will actually affect how we prioritise our model making too, giving successful factions a head-start in acquiring the latest weapons for example.  Also when the deeds in an episode are truly glorious one of the participating player's own characters will be selected to be incorporated into the Antarean universe and made into a model.

Background to the game itself is given a run through as well, giving us a glimpse of what the vision is,
"Beyond the Gates of Antares (GoA) invites us to a time when mankind has evolved into new and diverse species: the strangely powerful NuHumans, masters of the Panhuman Concord; the ape-like Pansimians, the greatest warriors in the whole Galactic Spill; and feral Revers primitive Humans driven by a irrepressible lust for adventure and danger. It is a universe where technology and humanity intermix indistinguishably, where human knowledge and endeavour has long since been supplanted by integrated machine intelligence IMTel. Where humans go their technology goes also, protectors, workers, and fighting machines in the form of WarDrones armed with deadly weapons and shielded by energy fields a thousand times more resilient than steel. GoA is a wargame designed anew for the twenty-first century – a fresh look at the raw mechanics of tabletop wargaming featuring a fluid combat status system and interleaved turn sequence that facilitates continuous play for both sides. Rival forces act and react in a series of triggered actions that quickly draw both sides into simultaneous fire fights and close quarter fighting. The mechanics are designed to enable rapid progress using forces of around fifty or so models a side, including futuristic fighting machines, vehicles and point-defence weaponry as well as human troopers – the game is infinitely scalable to facilitate battles as large as can possibly be imagined and is detailed enough to facilitate skirmish gameplay too Game Features Fluid Combat Status – units act and react according to their combat status. Real-time Dynamic Gaming Universe – build and benefit from the evolution of the game background as you play.
Backer Development Program – backers can participate in the development and creation of the game rules, universe and campaigns. Decimal Mechanics - based on D10 and D100's allowing the same stats to be used for battle games, skirmishes and role-playing games as we expand the scope of our game for years to come."
All this and the company is working closely with Warlord Games (in fact John Stallard of Warlord Games is a co-founder of Dark Space Corp)

Go and check out the Kickstarter.

2013 looks to be an exciting time for gaming.

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