Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Mr Johnston has a little Shadowrun for you

Catalyst Games recently announced that it will be publishing, amongst other Shadowrun projects, Shadowrun: Sprawl Gangers, a tactical miniatures game designed by Ross Watson and Randall N. Bills.   Sprawl Gangers is a competitive, skirmish-level miniatures game for 2 players, with everything needed to game right in the box.

In this miniatures game players take on the task of building gangs following specific point values of a scenario, and modifying the various miniatures based upon what new resources (weapons/gear/magic/tech) a player gained through previous games. Gangs won’t simply fight for the sake of fighting, but will actively building their turfs and resources. Among other things, this will allow for the hiring of the exact right shadowrunner when they need that ace in the hole.  All this adds up to the experience of watching your gang grow and expand through exciting play across a swath of games.

Essentially something that sounds like a Shadowrun version of Necromunda (not a bad thing might i add).

The miniatures will be sculpted and manufactured in conjunction with CoolMiniOrNot, who have run a number of successful miniatures game Kickstarter projects such as Rivet Wars, Zombicide, Relic Knights, and Sedition Wars.

As announced, Catalyst Game Labs has begun development on a Shadowrun miniatures game, Sprawl Gangers, to be produced and published in conjunction with Cool Mini Or Not.
Ross Watson and Randall N. Bills are hard at work developing the game play and campaign play rules right now. However, despite a large and healthy playtest pool to draw from, Catalyst Game Labs is looking to expand that pool for the development of Sprawl Gangers.
“While we publish two other miniatures games in BattleTech and Leviathans, this is different,” said Randall N. Bills, Managing Developer of Catalyst Game Labs. “Sprawl Gangers will have much more of ‘competitive action’ vibe of other table top miniatures games with thriving communities and tournaments. We’re hoping there are players with a passion for those styles of games that can bring their expertise to bear in making Sprawl Gangers the coolest it can be.”
If you’re interested in helping us reach that goal, you have the chance to sign up as a new playtester. To help ensure you’re very aware of what you’ll be getting yourself into, the following outlines the major requirements for prospective playtesters:
  • Non-disclosure Agreements (NDAs) will need to be signed by everyone involved in playtesting and submitted via email to Catalyst Game Labs. Regardless of the size of a playing group, a single person will be the spokesman for the group;
  • contact between Catalyst and your player group must all funnel through the spokesman. The spokesman will be required to stay on top of:
  • accepting reports from his players and compiling them and turning them in on a regular basis;
  •  keeping appropriate lists of playtesters involved for credits;
  •  keeping track of signed NDAs;
  •  available for communication and questions from their playtesters;
  •  available for regular communications with Catalyst Game Labs.
You’ll be required to submit a play testing report every two weeks (more often is, of course, desirable) Catalyst Game Labs believes strongly in the motto “never complain unless you’ve a suggestion.” We’ll expect our playtesters to not simply tell us they don’t like something, but explain thoroughly why they don’t like it and then offer suggested fixes. 
We’ll be looking to start playtesting in February. 
After reviewing the above, if you (and your group) are still interested in becoming a playtester for Sprawl Gangers, then email us a 250 word or less bio of you and your group and why you feel you’re perfect for playtesting this game. Email your proposal to:
Look forward to adding new blood to the team! Ross Watson Randall N. Bills

So, there you go. Get to, if you are interested.

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