Thursday, 24 January 2013

Lone Wolf are kickstarting their Realm Works software

Lone Wolf Development have jumped onto Kickstarter now with their Realm Works Kickstarter!

Realm Works is Lone Wolf Development's campaign management tool.  On the site they sell the software by saying,

How many times have you struggled with keeping everything in your campaigns organized? Have you ever lost track of what your players have and haven't learned? Is “real-life” limiting the amount of time you have to prepare for your campaigns? Do you waste precious time at the game table trying to find details from previous sessions, some of which may have occurred months or even years ago? These challenges, and others, are what we set out to solve with Realm Works. If you’re interested in streamlining your game preparation, focusing on the game, increasing the engagement of your players, or accessing new material, you need Realm Works. You can use it no matter what games you play—Realm Works is “game system neutral”, and delivers its value no matter what type of realm you run.
Realm Works delivers unparalleled functionality and control for GMs and players alike. This powerful tool allows GMs to create, manage and share their world like never before. Realm Works allows you to use one tool to meet your needs, rather than trying to cobble things together with multiple, disconnected applications. Realm Works was built by GMs and players for GMs and players. With over 100 years of combined GMing experience behind it, you won’t find a better solution anywhere else to those vexing challenges that running an RPG campaign present.

For the Kickstarter the sales pitch is that "Realm Works takes campaign management for RPGs to the next level, making it faster and easier to prepare for games, and greatly enhancing the actual game experience. GMs can create, manage, and share their world using a single tool, rather than trying to cobble things together with multiple, disconnected applications."  They continue,

We're excited about this Kickstarter, as it will help us make Realm Works even more awesome than we're already planning! We have an array of rewards to offer backers, including the ability to get pre-release access to Realm Works, exclusive perks, and a whole lot more. For those of you who've been anxiously awaiting a peek at what Realm Works will offer, we encourage you to watch the Kickstarter video. We provide a glimpse of many key features in the video. So take a look at what's in store in just a few months’ time! As we mentioned in the December newsletter, the primary features that will benefit most from the Kickstarter are the cloud server and community repository components. Each of these is detailed more fully within the Kickstarter and on our website. We'll also leverage your support to further refine the overall user experience and enhance the core Realm Works feature set. Check out the Kickstarter page and video for more details!
For all you Pathfinder players out there, we’ve got a special reward that you’ll definitely want to check out – a bundle of all the new Hero Lab content we’ll release for Pathfinder in 2013!
In the past, we’ve received requests for a Hero Lab subscription service, and we’re experimenting with this idea as part of the Realm Works Kickstarter. If there’s significant interest in this approach, we’ll consider making this part of our regular offerings starting in 2014. You can find information on this reward in the Project Description section of the Kickstarter, under the Options and Extras heading. If we exceed our funding goal, we have stretch goals that we’d love to deliver early.
These include advanced functionality for GMs and players, plus some great new setting and adventure content from well-known creators, who are ready to take advantage of Realm Works’ time-saving capabilities.
Your support is instrumental in making this a successful Kickstarter and allowing us to deliver as much functionality as possible in the initial release. So please check out the project and spread the word to everyone you know.
Thanks in advance for your support!

Wee Ivor uses the Army Builder from Lone Wolf and is thinking of expanding his purchasing from Lone Wolf.  Should he?  Could be useful for some of our role playing systems. What do you guys think?

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