Friday, 18 January 2013

Games Workshop makes way for next edition of CEO

Tom Kirby, Chairman of Games Workshop has announced today that Mark Wells, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Games Workshop has stepped down.  Mark has been CEO for for 5 years but has been with Games Workshop from 2000.  He worked previously for Boots and Next.

The statement from GW's  Tom Kirby,Chairman and now Acting CEO, said
Games Workshop announces that after five years of outstanding service Mark Wells is stepping down as CEO. He leaves on good terms and with our very best wishes. The board will be seeking to appoint a new CEO in due course. In the meantime, our Chairman, Tom Kirby, will be Acting CEO and Chairman. 
Mark has been the Chief Executive Officer of Games Workshop Group plc since December 3, 2007 and has held various management roles with Next PLC and Boots Group PLC,, including Director of Customer Service, Boots The Chemists and Director of Merchandise and Marketing, Boots Stores, Netherlands.  He has been with Games Workshop since May 2000 as director of strategy and planning.  He is a qualified solicitor with an M.A. degree in Law from St Johns College, Cambridge (Exhibition) and, MBA from Sterling University.

Games Workshop also released a change to holdings regarding The Nomad Investment Partnership L.P. (Landmark Sq, 1st Floor, 64 Earth Close, PO Box 715, Grand Cayman, KY11107, Cayman Islands)  in the Annual Report for 2011-2012 this investment company held the largest number of shares - 6,630,817 (21%)  but they have now reduced it to 5,829,141 (18%).

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