Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Dreadball League at Wee Gamers

From Friday 8th February the first Dreadball League in Northern Ireland will be kicking off at Wee Gamers.
That's right, THE Dreadball league in Northern Ireland will be played at Wee Gamers.  It won't be too onerous on anyone and will give league players an opportunity to take part in a few special league tournaments over the course of time.

This will all be leading up to an exciting announcement in the near future which involves Wee Gamers organising a tournament of Dreadball later this year.  




So what do you need?

Well a team would be a start ;)  We have all the teams you need at Wee Gamers, and you know we won't be hard on your pocket.  There are a few box sets left if you want to go the whole hog as well as MVPs.

We will also have a few loaner teams for those who want to have a go in the league and see what they like before the committing to buying their own teams.

Check out the League rules


If you are thinking of joining the league then contact either Kyle (Lead Organiser) or Wee Ivor at the Morrow Bunker or online through Facebook or in the comments below.

There is also a Northern Ireland Facebook Group on Facebook, as well as an official  Facebook page for the game.

You can find out more on the Dreadball website and even join the forum.

Now, get your game on!

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