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Wee Gamers Review ... 4Ground 28mm damaged buildings

The moment you hold a 4Ground building you know you have something special in your hands.

This is one of the pre-painted range and the damaged detached house compliments the other houses of the 4Ground 28mm range.

If you have the undamaged building and, as the need arises, you can easily replace it with the damaged version (if you have both kits obviously) or you mix a selection of damaged and undamaged buildings  to populate your townscape.

This and similar kits in the range cry out for towns rather than just a house plopped along side a road or track.

Several precut frames make up the kit. The parts - though a few can be small and a few can be fragile- are in the most sturdy enough and easy to remove , a craft knife and care should be taken.

For similar money to smaller resin models the 4G kits defiantly offer more bang for your buck, and the simple pre painted range save time and effort to those to whom the paint brush is not an ally.

You get detailed exterior walls and interior walls- but No 'detailed isn't quite enough' what you get is walls with corner brick work defined. Damaged holes to punch out AND exposed inner brick to insert. Which can itself have Mouse holes punched our further ( smaller holes for shooting out through) bullet holes and cracks adorn the walls in satisfying amounts but not excessive.

Window lentents and door features add distinct feel and character. The floors are patterned bare wood- we are afraid you have to add your own carpet, Lino or wall paper- yet they look fantastic bare, the scope for the creative among us to go mad is there.

The ground floor, first floor (or second depending on your side of the pond) and attic are all useable. The building builds up (see what i did there?) as three separate levels, allowing you to insert your troops should you decide to do so.

Even the thickness of the blasted walls seems a bit more right, thanks to separate inner and outer wall parts.

The exposed parts of roofing timbers and floor supports and left over elements of rubble from your wall construction all add up to a very satisfying model. As much able to be a part of your game and dressing for the table top.

There's a good selection of these kits out there. With some inter-swapable parts and a little thought you can get even more out of the kit.  Aside from wooden floors most of these type of kits won't look out of place beyond a World War Two setting and with several other firms producing excellent laser cut terrain it's a buyers market where the addition or removal of one or two buildings can totally change the theme. Add to the mix some road surfaces and your flying. 

This is excellent high end laser cut terrain, well thought out and developed with play in mind- do watch there are less versatile and much more basic sets out there for vastly more money- so it does pay as always to do your homework before you spend silly money.

Now, construction of these kits does require some care and time. We've found PVA to be the best medium but any wood glue should do. Be sure to wipe edges clean as you press parts together. Elastic bands and a few clips are useful to have to the side for ensuring parts bond. 

The instructions are not model kit level on detail, you may find that laying the parts out as called upon and checking the fits will save on a messy mistake.

The included advice also adds that sanding or cutting shouldn't be needed- nor did we in the many kits built, but should you decide to do so a mask is advised due to the materials involved.

It's also quite easy to add your own paint jobs and details, should you wish, giving you further variety yet.

Damaged and Undamaged 4Ground 28mm being used for Bolt Action at Wee Gamers

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