Monday, 31 December 2012

T-Minus 24 hours for Gates of Antares

Dark Space Corp is a new company, founded by ex- Games Workshop stalwarts Rick Priestley and John Stallard, along with Rik Alexander.

The company was created to solely focus on building "Beyond the Gates of Antares".

And as they say its
"for you and with you, and our mission is to make it the best wargame universe that has ever existed. We have formed a partnership with Warlord Games who will help us produce and operate the game utilising their existing sales, warehousing and production infrastructure, so that we can focus on the game development, miniature design and community. Thanks to warlord we won’t have to worry too much about such things as production equipment, assembly lines and dispatch operations – we have all that covered already!"
The goal of Dark Space Corp is to bring the new Antarean universe to life by crowdsourcing the playtesting and rules creation alongside crowd funding through a Kickstarter campaign.

Others invovled include sculpters Kev White and Bob Naismith, designer Tim Prow (behind many of the top designs in the world of collectable miniatures and wargames as well as work for TV and films) Artists Opus Artz, Golum Painting Studios, Karol Rudyk – Slayer Sword winner, and Bruno LavallĂ©e – Slayer Sword winner 
"We’ve got the team, we’ve got the know-how, now all we need is YOU!"
They are launching the Kickstarter on 1 January 2013 and are interested in finding out if the backers are interested in helping define the game rules, artwork, miniature range, tactical abilities, scenery, vehicles and everything else.

What is very interesting is that it is envisioned to be more than just another tabletop game.  Dark Space Corp  describe it as real time dynamic gaming,
"The Antarean gaming universe is not just a setting for a game – we want our game to be the first tabletop wargame based upon a living, changing and constantly evolving universe. We call it our Real Time Dynamic Gaming Universe – which is a rather grandiose way of saying ours is a living universe and not a static, immutable game setting. To achieve that we are going to create on-line gaming episodes – battles for worlds or star-spanning campaigns – which all players can join by logging onto our Beyond the Gates of Antares site. All you have to do is contribute your gaming results to one or more of the disputed zones on the world, orbital ring, shell, asteroid belt, star system or wherever it is the episode is taking place. You can play for any of the six factions: Concord Combined Command, Isorian Shard Command, The Free World Determinate, Shard Freebooters, ExCon Freebooters, or Vorl Orde. When we introduce new factions we will incorporate those too."
 This looks to be a very, very interesting project.  Will you get involved?

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