Monday, 17 December 2012

Santa comes early with Kings of War update from Mantic

Kings of War is a tabletop fantasy wargame written by Alessio Cavatore for Mantic Games, designed for big battles with big armies.  The game is quick, easy to learn, bloody and, most important of all, fun. 

Whilst it had been published in 2010 in playtest format, republished for playtest in 2011, in 2012 Ronnie and the crew sent this little beauty to Kickstarter in order to produce a final book.

And, by gum, what a final book it was too.  Wee Ivor isn't the sharpest tool in the box but he fell in love with KoW for its simplicity to learn, options for play and focus on fun.  
Now, Mantic had all of the army lists up on their website for free.  It made sense while playtesting the rules for about two years.  When the third edition (or first, depending on your point of view) was successful on Kickstarter and finally published, the ability to download the army lists was gone.  They could only be found in the full book.  Which again is kind of understandable, but annoying to those who had been used to the free downloads from Mantic.  It was a bit of a culture shock.

A free downloadable booklet with the Third Edition (or First, again depending on your point of view) core rules and a sample of four of the eight army lists was made available.  However, this was not what people had expected and left Kings of War and Mantic fanboys a little dejected.  It felt to some that it made it more difficult, especially in the current financial climate, for new people to access a superb set of gaming rules.  It meant that people could not have a go at designing a comfortable army list to try Kings of War to its fullest.  This led to quite a bit of whinging and complaining (which we all did to one extent or another - Ivor was almost unbearable!).

Well, gripe and wonder no more as Mantic have now released the full army lists on the website for free.


There is also a FAQ - though unlike other fantasy wargame FAQs it is quite small.
Now you can try out all the armies to your hearts content and then buy the book, as it is jam packed with so much more and for £25 (or less, depending on where you go for it) it is an absolute steal.  We even did a review of it.

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