Monday, 24 December 2012

Have a very Merry Christmas from Wee Gamers

It is Christmas Eve and Santa is about to drop round to your house with all the goodies you have asked for. 

It is also a time for a brief reflection on 2012 before looking forward to 2013.

Firstly, Wee Gamers want to thank everyone who has liked us on Facebook, followed us on Twitter, followed us on G+, subscribed to us on YouTube, and subscribed to the Blog.  

Everyone's support is deeply appreciated.

It has been a thrill during 2012 to be able to do so many things and people have taken an interest. We want to thank everyone who has come along to game at the Morrow Bunker. It is a real pleasure to be able to put out tables and see people enjoy gaming. We are also really appreciative of everyone who has bought anything from us. You know the special price we do for you to keep you gaming and in return you have bought and bought and bought. The stock we have built up in such a short time is in no small part to gamers using their hard earned cash to buy from us.

We also want to thank everyone who has played games with us, taught us new games and mostly put up with us.  The gaming we have done this past year has been incredible, the number of new people met and the reception of Wee Gamers at Irish gaming Conventions has been fantastic.

We have so many plans for 2013, but a post on that will be coming very soon.  And we hope you will love what we hope to achieve.  But what did we achieve in 2012?

Well, after a long hiatus Wee Gamers was resurrected  in a very small way, (it had been set up in the mists of 2006) at the beginning of 2012.  We had set a number of objectives,

  • Rebuild it and they will come. Eventually. Maybe.
  • I wanted rebuild Wee Gamers. But as what? And why would anybody come here?? Well seeing as I live on an island with a temperate climate with a precipitous nature I thought I would start there.  Wee Gamers, I hope, will be used to highlight that the Irish gamer is as good as any round the world.  we may seem dour and have a wicked black humour, we love gaming!

    Well, the blog was rebuilt and a venue to play with more and more people visiting.
  • Have at least one game a week.
  • I have found gaming to have been sparse and eclectic over the past few years.  That will change. Oh, Yes! I will be keeping the blog updated with my exploits (and i have such a happy month's backlog)
Well, with the number of people coming to the Morrow Bunker that has pretty much achieved that! 

  • Sell stuff to fuel the gaming habit.
  • I have a day job.  it pays me, but not at the level of Richard Branson.  And toys are not cheap. So I will be selling stuff to give me pocket money to feed the habit.

    Again, an objective achieved, with Wee Gamers becoming a Limited Company with Ivor and Andy becoming Directors in July and used contacts built up over the previous few years to get some great trade accounts.  This has also led to taking the shop on the road as well.  We also have an infant webstore which will be better developed during 2013 so keep your eye out for that.

  • Make a game. I play other peoples games, so I must inflict the same on them.
  • Like many over the years I have half made games that get tossed to the side, to be lost forever in game design Room 101.  Not this year!! I will make a game and have a few friends roped in as well. So watch this space and I hope to keep the blog updated on progress.  I can hear Wizards of the Coast quaking in their boots from here. Mwahahahahaha

    This is something that we have discussed a number of times this year and while not making one both have contributed to playtesting games for different companies and some home grown talent.  While this has not been technically achieved, this is far from being put away.

  • Go to Conventions.
  • Online is fun.  Face to face is best. Not just in gaming groups but in a mad conglomeration of geek and nerd heaven where you can meet new friends, try new games and unleash the +5 wallet of buying games you will never play but look cool.

    We have attended a number of conventions now as Wee Gamers and were proud that GaelCon was the first to see our stall as well as the launch of Iron Sky the Boardgame in Ireland.

  • Have fun on the journey.
  • Says it all.

    Yup. Without a doubt.  It has been fun all the way, and we are continuing to love what we are doing.

So that's our run down for all that has led up to Christmas 2012.  We hope you have enjoyed the ride so far and continue to follow us on our journey into 2013

All that remains is for us to say is have a very Merry Christmas and you get all the things you wanted.  

And congratulations for surviving the Apocalypse!

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