Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Morrow Bunker this week (4,5,6, & 7 October)

Wee Gamers continues to operate the Morrow Bunker to gather gamers of all sorts together so they can take refuge from their worldly woes.  

The Bunker is operating Thursday 4, Friday 5, Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 October from 7.00pm to 11pm.  

Operation Morrow Bunker GCHQ is in Whitehead Primary School, 3 Islandmagee Road, Whitehead, County Antrim BT38 9NE

Last week's gaming saw the Bunker open on Thursday, Friday and Sunday for some hobby, Point Blank roleplaying game, X-Wing, Aliens the Boardgame, Malifaux, Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle, A Call to Arms Star Fleet, as well as the Koffee Klub coming to Wee Gamers to roll out the board gaming.












And so to this week............

Thursday night
Thursday night this week and wee James shall open the door to the DnD 'old skol' in the RPG One Shots. (Scantly clad other worldly ladies are not provided, sorry) so grab yer dice bag and a HB pencil and get ready with a Magic Missile or two to take out that Gazebo.

Also on Thursday night there's no rest for the Mongoose Demos as this week we follow up from Star Fleet to crack some heads with Judge Dredd. And we're not even half way down the box yet! 

Even our Terrain gurus are hard at it to ensure this Gem gets the treatment it deserves, after all Respect the Law!

So make sure to sign up for the Academy of Justice!

Friday Night
This Friday night john unleashes the beast once more in his home grown AVP game. Based on the popular Space Hulk AVP pits players head to head in a gore filled battle*

*players must provide their own gore and an not splatter red paint on the 28mm models, that would be very silly! 

Still a couple of spaces left for Fridays game.  We think Wee Ivor is getting a bit carried away though .........................................

Saturday sees the Seasons of the Blood Red Dawns really kick off as the players begin completing their orders in this excellent Kings of War campaign organised by Jim.

Sunday night will see more boardgame madness and who knows even some more Star Fleet?

So pop in and say hello.  If there is a game you are looking to have a go at leave a comment below, or on our page or join the Drama Club group of Facebook - they are a friendly bunch and don't bite.  Much :)

We will be open for gaming from 7.00pm til 11 or so and we won't kick you at on the dot ;)  

Remember that there is a cost.  A whopping donation of a minimum of £2 per person.  All monies collected will go to the school.  Gamers doing good while they game!

Everyone welcome.

If you have any questions email info@weegamers.eu

Keep Calm and Carry On Gaming!

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