Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Morrow Bunker this week (25 October ONLY)

Wee Gamers continues to operate the Morrow Bunker to gather gamers of all sorts together so they can take refuge from their worldly woes.  

The Bunker is ONLY operating Thursday 25 October 7.00pm to 11pm.  That's because we are down at GaelCon this weekend!

Operation Morrow Bunker GCHQ is in Whitehead Primary School, 3 Islandmagee Road, Whitehead, County Antrim BT38 9NE

Last week's gaming saw the Bunker open on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday for some hobby, Bolt ActionA Call to Arms: Star FleetKings of War, Flames of War, Point Blank RPG and some Small World.











And so to this week............

Thursday Night
There will be some Malifaux, and some super roleplaying

"In Conurba City there are honest cops on the streets, but they’re underfunded and un-supported, dogged by rumours of corruption and overwhelmed by crime.
In this formerly beautiful metropolis who will step-in to take on the ne’er-do-wells whose devilish deeds force fearful folk to tiptoe to their townhouses in terror, frantically fasten their fenestrations, draw their deadbolts and anxiously await another awful after-dusk assault of ferocious felony?
Tune in to this Thursday’s (old school) one-shot – Marvel Super Heroes – for oodles of “POW!”s, “KAZAM!”s “OOOOFFF!”s and possibly even a “WANK!” or two. Usual wee time, usual wee station!"

Friday, Saturday & Sunday 

We will be in GaelCon so NO Wee Gamers :( But we will be back to normal the next week :)

If you are down at GaelCon come over and say hello :)

Meanwhile, other places to get your game on over the weekend

Don't forget to join the Drama Club group of Facebook - they are a friendly bunch and don't bite.  Much :)

If you have any questions email

Keep Calm and Carry On Gaming!

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