Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Morrow Bunker this week (18, 19, 20 & 21 October)

Wee Gamers continues to operate the Morrow Bunker to gather gamers of all sorts together so they can take refuge from their worldly woes.  

The Bunker is operating Thursday 18, Friday 19, Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 October from 7.00pm to 11pm.  

Operation Morrow Bunker GCHQ is in Whitehead Primary School, 3 Islandmagee Road, Whitehead, County Antrim BT38 9NE

Last week's gaming saw the Bunker open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday for some hobby, Squadron AIU, 40K, Judge Dredd miniature game, X-Wing, A Call to Arms: Star Fleet, Star Trek Heroclix, Kings of War and Bolt Action.













And so to this week............

Thursday Night
Organised play
The return of Point Blank through the capable hands of Wee Andy.  Point Blank - Redemption through violence is a superb generic system. This time the action moves east as our players adopt roles in a drama to bring down a crime lord, save a girl and of course earn Redemption through Violence.....

There will also be desperate battles in the hedgerows of Normandy as Flames of War games are on the go too.

Tank tracks amongst the bocage have been spotted, be careful and keep you eye out for any M10s or King Tigers .......... 

Friday Night
Organised play
This Friday night will see the return of A Call to Arms: Star Fleet.  A Call to Arms: Star Fleet is the game of space combat in the Star Fleet Universe. Throughout humanity’s space-age history, the Federation has come under pressure from many enemies. Now you can play out these confrontations on the tabletop with entire fleets drawn from the Federation, Klingon Empire, Romulan Empire or any one of the many other fleets that range across the galaxy.

From skirmishes involving lone destroyers to the clashing of large fleets against their bitterest rivals, A Call to Arms: Star Fleet is your ticket to exciting battles that take place in the depth of space.

Saturday Night
Organised play

Time to get your helmet and uniform on as we get some Bolt Action on Saturday night.  Bolt Action is a new set of rules to play World War II engagements from Warlord Games.  Written by Alessio Cavatore they are smooth to run and play yet have a lot of depth.  Plus its WWII!!

Wee "King Tiger" Ivor will be back but at least Wee Brett will be there to keep him under some sort of control, especially after last weeks meandering.

750 Points of a force is what is required.  If you don't have a force there are plenty of minis about.  If you don't have a rulebook we can help you too.  And if you want your own book (and who wouldn't - it is beautiful) we can help you out there too :) Just talk to Wee Ivor and he will do you a good deal.

Saturday night also sees the continuation of  the Kings of War campaign 'A Season of the Blood Red Dawns' with players fulfilling their orders as they build empires and crush their opponents.

Organised play

Sunday Night Star Wars will see a game from a galaxy far far away............ do we really need to say anymore?  X-Wing is a superb game and as the battle begins, will you stay on the farm of take to the stars?

The Koffee Klub will also be down on Sunday night with their big box of boardgames!

So pop in and say hello.  If there is a game you are looking to have a go at leave a comment below, or on our page or join the Drama Club group of Facebook - they are a friendly bunch and don't bite.  Much :)

We will be open for gaming from 7pm til 11 or so and we won't kick you at on the dot ;)  

Remember that there is a cost.  A whopping donation of a minimum of £2 per person.  All monies collected will go to the school.  Gamers doing good while they game!

Everyone welcome.

If you have any questions email info@weegamers.eu

Keep Calm and Carry On Gaming!

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