Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Table Top North - Return of the Big Game 11

Well its that time of the year again.  Table Top North (in conjunction with Tim Snoddy) are about to put on their "Big Game 11".  This is an opportunity for people to join in as everything is provided, all people have to do is turn up.  And have fun.

It is a time, in the far flung future when earth has been conquered by dog like aliens who rule under the banner of the Protolene Khanate. 
They are assisted by their snake like allies the Naga.
Oppressed by years of unfair taxation, under representation in the galactic court of the Khan, not to mention the entirely uninhibited public toileting habits of their alien overlords one nation has dared to raise the flag of rebellion and fight for freedom.
Knowing that the government will not use interplanetary weapons for fear of destroying the rich reserves of black liquid dilithium the desert dwelling Sahadeen have sought to destroy all government forces within the boundaries of their once proud nation.
Pressed on all sides by Khanate forces the rebels have retreated to an ancient fortress which they have renamed "Fort New Hope". As sand storms rage causing chaos with navigational equipment forces from both sides rush to the fort. The rebels know if they can hold it even for a day the rest of the populace will flock to their cause. The Khanate forces are equally determined to crush all who oppose them...
With both sides readying for the desperate, bloody and close fought battle to come there can only be one victor.  The battle will pull together infantry, RPG squads, mortar teams, ground support vehicles, air support vehicles, robots, assault rippers, mechs and much more into one last throw of the dice.....
Who will win? Take part and decide the fate of Fort New Hope.

The game will be played on a single table using Gruntz 15mm sci-fi skirmish rules to provide fast and exciting game play. The rules allow space opera style battles to be rapidly fought. All scenery and models will be provided. 

No previous experience of wargaming is required just bring your enthusiasm and your friends. 

The Big Game will be on from 10am to 5pm on Saturday, 3rd November in the Belfast Boat club

For those interested in the game mechanics the stats on the cards represent the following. Shoot is how likely the unit is to hit when firing a weapon. Guard is how difficult it is to hit the unit. Eg it is harder to hit army units trained to keep their heads down. Skill is a universal stat used as required. Assault is how good the unit is in close combat. Soak is a value for armour ranging from 10 none, to 15 heavy power armour. Mental is a morale value. This unit is armed with assault rifles a basic infantry weapon which has a range of 8 inches and a damage of 5. All actions are 2D6 based. So to hit a target is 2D6+shoot+modifers the total needing to equal or exceed the targets guard. To wound the target is 2D6+weapon damage needing to equal or exceed the targets soak.

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