Monday, 1 October 2012

Season of the Blood Red Dawns - the beginings

Season of the Blood Red Dawns

The Blood Red Sun has risen and now mighty Armadas spill across the seas of the Drowned Republic. 

Blood will flow and the seas turn red (Or maybe green or purple as the Orcs and Twilight Kin come to battle).

As ignorant armies clash by night upon the sandy beaches of destiny emipres will rise and empires will fall.

Empires seek to find their destiny during the Season of the Blood Red Dawns.

The islands of the Drowned Republic

James overseeing the orders from those seeking their destiny

The realisation that Rik, Shogun of Kun Li, will have two battles this turn lightens the mood.

The First Turn
Shalafi Dave ordered his Twilight Kin to stand behind their newly erected walls. This Island of Purpleopolis was theirs and here they would remain. They had not long to wait before the sails of the Orcs ramshackle fleet appeared from the dawn sun. 1750pts of Orcs commanded by Stuart McWilliams to destroy the kin and all they stand for have landed at Purplemere where a mere 500pts of Kin hope to hold them back and indeed cast them back into the sea! 

The Samurai field army of Kun LI, 1500pts, keen to expand their Shogunate in the Drowned Republic were ordered by Shogun Richard Eddon to decimate the undead of Jachin where the undead graveyard Army, 1500pts, has been deployed by Ivor the Liche lord to await them in the fields surrounding the port. 

Samuel Hegarty the Heartless and his undead host of 1000pts, sail to Nankin where Rik's Samurai garrison, 500pts, stand resolute behind their bamboo and plank palisades. The undead believe the Drowned Republic is theirs and should never return to the domain of the living, whether it be human, Kin or Orcs. 

Graeme Hawkins the Great Ghoul King shuffles his undead host of 1440pts, across the sea to Purplepool where the garrison, 1000pts, know there will be no relief from Purplemere as news comes that Dave will have to fight 2 battles on his own soil. It's as well he stayed at home. 

Ivor the Liche Lord chose to order his undead to stand their ground. Just as well as the Samurai had already landed on his shores. 

Andrew Sorceror of the Apocolypse ordered his Undead Sands Army, 1500pts, to attack the undead at Darkskull against the agarrison of 780pts there after Graeme having already ordered his field Army to Purplepool. 

The gods of fate and fortune had left the Chaos Daemons to the end to cast their lot and thus it was that Mike 'Bloody' Wilson, Warrior of Doom had his orders finally acted on. And so it was that a mess of fiends and demons, 1500pts, wash up on the shores of Port Charles to bring pestilence and destruction to the garrison of 500pts, rattling behinid their sacophagi and coffin lid palisades. 

The Season of Blood Red Dawns begin...............

All battles will be fought by the 21st October and results messaged will be supplied to James.

Dave to fight Graeme and Stuart. 
Stuart to fight Dave. 
Rik to fight Ivor and Samuel 
Samuel to fight Rik and Mike. 
Graeme to fight Dave and Andrew. 
Ivor to fight Rik 
Andrew to fight Graeme. 
Mike to fight Samuel. 


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