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The Season of the Blood Red Dawns - Kings of War Campaign at Wee Gamers

(A Kings of War campaign)

The seasons of war are upon us. As you look out over your Island kingdom you realise that the clearing mists, burnt away by the blood red dawn sun, reveal your enemies stealing upon you.

Whether you are mighty warrior elves brooding in your high towers or doughty dwarves reclaiming fortress cities that once stood on mountaintops, but now sit nestled on islands in the Sea of the Drowned Republic; mayhap thou art mighty men of valour carving out a new kingdom in the islands; perhaps the living dead seeking to breath un-death into the lands you once ruled in life; OR worse yet nefarious Gobbos, Orcs or Twilight Kin seeking simply to conquer and destroy all around you.... PREPARE!

The Season of Blood Red Dawns are here.

Can you defend your Island kingdom and then expand and conquer the archipelago, building a chain of colonies subservient to your will?  OR will you become a mere servant, subject to the will of the Islands’ mighty overlord?
Well, Jim, a Wee Gamers regular, has seized the day and is the overlord of the first Kings of War campaign that we know about on the Island of Ireland.

The rules for the simple campaign in KoW 3rd ed. will be followed throughout. 
  • Changes or additions will be subject to Jim's whims or offers of cash, alcohol or chocolate!
  • Advanced rules will only be those for Sieges.
  • Multi-player battles subject to campaign rule on p74.
  • No timed games
  • No advanced terrain and buildings.
Each player will start in control of an island with a capital and 2 ports with 3000 points of troops at their command. 

The Armies.  
Players will not need 3000 points of figures as the maximum for a field army will be 2000 points, not the 3000 stated in KoW. 

·         Field Army:       minimum  1000pts                     maximum  2000pts
·         Garrison:           minimum  500pts                       maximum  1000pts

Army composition must be declared and written down and a copy sent to me when they enter their first battle.  Up to then they will be a simple points allocation on the map known to me.  After the battles the survivors of that army will continue as that army.  The only changes can be due to recruitment or reinforcement from other armies.

Experience and Reward will be determined as per p76.  The rewards will be 1. Elite. 2. Vicious. 3. Stealthy.  These rewards must be taken in this order.  Details of these Special Rules on pp 39-41.  If your unit already has one of these “specials” as part of their roster then they will only get to benefit from 2 rewards over the course of the campaign.  E.g. Twilight Kin are already “vicious”.  (As if we needed to be told, lol ;-)  So they would get Elite as their first reward and then stealthy as their second reward.

Magic Artefacts are unique to each kingdom, not army, and can only be chosen for one of the kingdom’s armies.  All other magic artefact rules are as per p 44.

Allies can be included up to 30% of an army.  Allies are subject to alignment rules on p43.  Allies are also then part of the army and cannot be changed except as per recruitment or reinforcement.

Subterfuge, sleekit goings on, sabotage and assassination are all allowed outside the confines of the campaign.  But remember you are then subject to the real law of the land in the case of assassinations!  Basically this campaign is about fighting battles to conquer the world.  (Well, a small group of Islands!  Hardly the world, but you have to start somewhere.)  Jim is not including any diplomacy or subterfuge as part of this campaign but if it goes well he may do another campaign in the future and then Machiavelli’s Prince may get involved...

A very simple abstract of your territory. 

A player's Capital/Fortress is central with plains leading to the port towns.  Armies will be able to move from 1 town to the next in 1 campaign turn.

So the capital could be called Coleraine and the ports of Portrush and Portstewart with the Plains of Rush and the Plains of Stewart, respectively, in between!

To invade another island a field army can move from a port hex to another port hex.  Simple!

Your Island is in the Drowned Republic Archipelago in the Infant Sea.  Your armies can sail from one of your ports to attack anyone else.  There will be no worrying about who is beside you on the campaign map!

Your Island kingdom could look something like this.

Essentially coastal areas cannot be occupied and mountain areas are impassable.  This leaves all entry to and exit from the Island's interior, the Capital, through either of the 2 port towns.

VICTORY will be achieved by being in control of the most points’ worth of Capitals and Towns by the 13th January 2013.

25 Points will be awarded for Capitals and 10 points for Port Towns held by your armies on that date!

The campaign turn will be held once a month at Weegamers in Whitehead.

29th September is the night for the first turn.

On the campaign night all moves will be mapped out as per the campaign rules. I will not be playing an army so people who cannot get to the meeting can email/facebook-pm me their planned moves.

Saturday 27th October, 24th November, 22nd December will be the other campaign turn nights, with 
Saturday January 19th as the final night but will also be the results night as a winner is declared for the campaign and prizes awarded for the various competitions.  

Battle turns can then be fought over the next 3 weeks.  Battles drawn on the 29th Sept could be fought that night or any night up to Sunday 21st October, this gives 4 possible Saturdays.

Battles can be fought anywhere, at Weegamers, in your own homes or Nerdtopia or any other club or even pub you attend! 

When you fight a battle the result, including recovered losses, rewards etc., must be sent to me as soon after the battle as possible.  The last date for returns will be the Sunday before the next campaign turn.  I.e. 21st October, 18th November, 16th December and 13th January. 

Any battles not fought or not reported in time will be declared a draw and all armies involved moved to the nearest friendly territory with losses of 1D6x10 loss of points for each part of 100 points in the army.  E.g. a 500 point port garrison could lose between 50 and 300 points and move to the plain between the port and the capital with a 1050 point invader losing between 110 and 660 points and move back to a home port.

Cost for entry will be £2,  £1 for each turn thereafter.   All monies will be used for prizes at the end.  You can pay all at once if you like - or can not make it to Wee Gamers over the interwebs

WE WILL UPDATE THIS BLOG WITH A WAY TO PAY OVER THE WONDROUS INTERWEBS, getting your name and army in is the most important at this point. :)  For games to count, for the prizes and get any extra stuff Wee Gamers come up with all players must have paid the entry fee.

Additional prizes will also be for:
  1. Best new Hero.
  2. Best new Regiment. (includes Troops or Hordes)
  3. Best new Warmachine.
  4. Best army.  (2000 points)
A “new” unit must have been seen unpainted during the campaign before it is accepted as an entry.  (It doesn’t have to be bought new but could have been sitting on a shelf or in a box.  As long as you start from scratch on or after the 22nd September it will be acceptable.

The best army does not have to be a new project.  You are free to enter an already built and painted army
It is a painting competition but points will be awarded for army/unit theme, background and history, mentions in despatches over the campaign.  Oh, and of course some points for painting too! Lol
All entries must be fully painted by the end of the campaign, 3 colours minimum.


SO!  If you want to take part let him know as soon as possible as the campaign will be kicking off from Wednesday 26th September.  He needs to know your name, the name of your capital and 2 ports and where your points have been allocated for armies and where those armies are.

On Wednesday 26th September Jim will post the protagonists and it’s up to players to get their moves ready for the Saturday night.  Remember if players cannot attend on Saturday nights then facebook-message Jim any orders by Saturday, 2pm.

Why not check out the Facebook Drama Club Club for more details about the KoW campaign or this blog for how things are going.

We are very excited about this and Wee Ivor can not wait to begin.

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