Monday, 6 August 2012

Flames of War update on August Releases

Flames of War letting everyone know there will be a slight delay with the planned August releases.  They said

"With the overwhelming demand for the new painted terrain, we have decided to rearrange the dates for our planned August releases. We have done this so the extra stock has time to arrive. None of the releases planned for this month have disappeared; the release dates have just been rearranged. 

We are working hard to increase the quantity of both European House three and four, as right now we could ship double the planned run but simply don’t have the time to product that many in the current timeframe. Our best advice to you right now is to check with your local Flames Of War stockist on what stock they are currently expecting (they need to have that confirmed from their local Battlefront office) and let them know what you definitely want as far ahead of time as possible."

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