Saturday, 25 August 2012

Dreadball is kickstarting

Well, it has finally come to pass and the already much talked about DreadBall has been let loose on Kickstarter.  We had a quick look at this in a previous post.

The initial release blurb described the contents of DreadBall as 
  • A4 84 page full colour DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game rulebook 
  • Rules for 8 MVPs, team advancement and league system 
  • 1 Corporation Team: 8 plastic miniatures (3 Strikers, 3 Jacks, 2 Guards) 
  • 1 Marauder Team: 8 plastic miniatures (5 Jacks, 3 Guards) 
  • A stunningly detailed pitch
  • 54 Cards: 35 Action, 14 Event, 3 Special, 2 Fan 
  • 13 Counters: 10 Action, 1 Rush, 1 Score, and 1 Special 
  • Roster Pad 
  • 6 Home Dice, 6 Away Dice, 6 Coaching Dice
As of now (25 August 2012) it has more than doubled its goal of $20,000 and is into its stretch goals with the first one, a robot referee model, being completed.  There are still 36 days to go.

With Jake Thornton on board as the designer (a very nice chap and all round good guy) it should be well worth it.  Jake designed the Dwarf King's Hold series as well as contribute to the Kings of War ruleset with the advanced rules.  He should also be well known to you all through his work in Games Workshop too.

The miniatures look superb and you can see lots of sci-fi influences coming in to play.


The kickstarter ends on 30 September.

Are you excited?  Will you be a backer?

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